So often we fight in front of our pets and don’t realize the impact it has on them. Their love for us runs so deep and if they could just stop it or find a way to mend hearts and make things better for their loved ones they would in a second. They care so deeply for us that when we hurt, they hurt, when we cry, they cry and when we grieve or feel sad they are right there with us. Your actions, words, thoughts and feelings around them have an enormous effect on them and no one hears their pleas for it to stop and for their families to be kind to one another.

Every energy in our home effects them tremendously. Every emotion we feel they feel as well. Don’t forget they are in the room! Please take into account that they are witnessing everything and for the most part are pretty powerless to do anything about the situation. They have the same emotions that we do. They have fear, anger, grief, sadness and elation as we do and they take it all in like hugh refrigerator magnets. Animals absorb our energies at all times.

Now is this to say that no household or relationship is suppose to have fights? Not at all. But just a gentle reminder that our pets take on everything we are going through and have no way of leaving the situation in most cases. They are stuck there and have no choice.

And what other hugh energy comes through our home? WORLD NEWS! Pets have to listen to it whether they want to or not! And believe it or not, they have a great sense or words and what is going on in our world today. Lots of negative stuff coming through the news twenty-four seven these days. Give them a break and put on some soft music!

I am honored to be their voice.





One very important aspect of Animal Communication in finding lost pets is to stay in touch with them!  While looking for an exact location is the key, it is important to have open communication with them when they are missing or lost.  This calms them in many cases and lets them know that their families and loved ones are still looking for them and love them very much.  

Making a connection with them through  an Animal Communicator is the best possible thing you can do during the process of searching for them through every avenue available.  Lost pets give very good directions, believe it or not.  They also show images of what they are seeing around them which helps for location.  

Remember that they are lost and many times frightened, so any connection they can have is priceless to them at that point and it is amazing for them to be able to know how very much they are not forgotten and help is on the way!

So I encourage everyone who is missing a pet to reach out to give them that voice and an open channel of communication through their ordeal.  You do not have to find a Communicator in your area, as many sessions are done remotely.  



At the end of a long and sometimes bone chilling day, I walk out of the barn I have been visiting that day with a sense of having touched souls, met new friends and brought peace and joy and clear communication to animal and human.  That fulfills me. I look back on the barn one last time and give thanks for this Gift!

But the real joy is feeling the sincere gratitude, the kind that touches the soul, from the animals and people as well.  Whether it is from a horse who is ill or injured or acting out from past trauma, or emotionally shut down or a person witnessing the Communication and knowing all will be well, it’s always very humbling to me.

But where does this gratitude come from?  It comes from loving an animal with all your heart and soul and for the first time being able to hear them speak and express their thoughts and feelings with you. It comes from hearing their stories for the first time if you never knew their past and it comes from just sharing the love you have for them.

People are just so incredibly grateful for Animal Communication and once they experience that level of gratitude they almost always continue on that path throughout the life of having their pet.

The feeling of gratitude from an animal who can finally speak with its family just for fun, or one who may be coming to the end of its life and needs to share feelings of love and letting go, or a highly competitive show horse or dog who can finally speak to tell us how we can make things better is what this is all about for me. That’s feeling of love and thanks from them makes everything perfect!

Their gratitude is overwhelming at times because they are filled with such joy at finally being able to speak for the first time or if they are lost or stolen and through Animal Communication they are found and are safely home with their families.

Can you imagine the gratitude of an animal with behavior  issues that no one can figure out and having a very difficult life because of this behavior finally being able to speak and tell us where it’s coming from, whether it is pain or discomfort or emotional?

So whether the gratitude comes in the form of an animal being given the gift of speech for the first time or a person filled with love and gratitude for the amazing connection with their beloved pet, it comes and it flows freely from them and I pass it on to the Universe grateful to have played a small part in it.



img_0117This is an amazing story of the day TONY and I went to the vet for his final diagnosis. Being an Animal Communicator, you would think that I could talk to my own animals but that has never been the case when it comes to something very emotional for us.  I have always called on other communicators which sounds crazy but my heart is too close when it comes to my own loved ones. 

However, on this particular day since we had quiet time alone to wait for the vet to speak with us about Tony’s cancer and how we should proceed I decided  “what the hell”. So I just started speaking with him to see how he was doing and his words I will always remember!

He said “Mom if I stay here with you and my family on my beautiful farm with peace and good health that will be great.  But if I go to heaven that’s great too. So basically Mom I’m in a win-win situation here, either way is going to be wonderful.  He said Mom HEAVEN DOESN’T SUCK!”

At that moment I totally got what he was saying. His life here was wonderful and he loved it and if he stayed it would continue to be wonderful. But if it was his time to transition that would be wonderful too. So either way it was a win-win and was going to be wonderful.

His words to me that day have forever changed the way I see the crossing over of our loved ones and I am blessed for it. I have repeated his words to many people faced with the situation of losing a beloved pet or human loved one and they have brought comfort and a different perspective. 

TONY passed peacefully in my arms and I knew he was going to his other “win” and that either way he was good!  May his words bring you peace as we look at the world through their perspective and experience how they see transisting from this life. In their eyes,     

“we are all in a win-win situation”.





I recently had the privilege of working with a young colt who will some day be a race horse. He will be leaving his family soon to move to his training facility for a year. 

So as I spoke with him explaining what was coming up for him soon and his schedule, etc. he said it would be sad to leave his farm and family but he knew this was the beginning of his journey.

He understoood what his journey was and he called it his “ONCE UPON A TIME” because those are the words that begin great stories. Every time I open a book that begins with those words I will think of him. 

The beauty of it all was that he knew his journey and he knew this was the beginning of it. He accepted each step with grace and looked forward to his Story. If only us humans could tap into that. 

I felt very privileged to be standing with him because he was so valiant and grounded  in his knowledge of what is to come for him. 

So ONCE UPON A TIME there was a little colt who knew his journey and looked forward to the beginning of his story. 

More to come!



Whenevr people ask me if I do sessions for “humans” I always say no because that’s not my comfort zone. Going even further people ask if I work with “humans” who have crossed over as well as animals. My answer to that is always no WITH ONE EXCEPTION!

That exception is when a loved one who has crossed over comes through in a conversation with a pet during an animal communication session and if I feel comfortable with it at the time I am happy to bring through their messages.

This is extremely important to them because they have messages for their loved ones here that need to be heard. 

For example I recently did a session for a dog I had never meet before and immediately I saw sadness and loss around him. When I asked about this his Mom said they had recently had an unexpected loss in their family, a death. 

Her Father who had crossed many years ago had the opportunity to come through for his daughter to bring her answers, peace and comfort and her reaction was priceless. It was life changing for her and I was blessed to be a part of it. This happened as I asked to be a clear and open channel for her dog.

This was her first animal communication session and it was a wonderful one.  As for her dog, well the grief lifted as he saw his Mom’s joy coming through.

So our animals bring so much more through to us during a session than just your average questions and answers that touches our lives in ways we could never imagine posssible and it happens every day.

What better way for a “human” loved one who has crossed to bring forth their message than through our wonderful pets who hold our hearts in their paws or hoofs! 

I wanted to share this because it was an amazing experience for me and witnessing her joy and transistion during the animal communication session which was totally unexpected for both of us has been etched in my mind. I know the power of animal communication and am blessed to be a part of it everyday. 



Have you ever looked at your pet and thought “what in the world is wrong with you?”

This question is especially interesting when the pet has literally been with you their entire lives from just weeks old. 

People say to me all the time “I’ve had this pet from six weeks of age and nothing has ever happened to make them frightened of people or noises, or insecure or aggressive”.  

So people are often stumped because they just can’t figure out where this behavior comes from. It makes no sense and they can’t wrap their brain around it. 

The answer is simple although it took me speaking with so many of them to understand. They bring it in from birth, from their mothers.  So many have told me stories of their moms being mistreated and frightened during her pregnancy, or starved or of her having to be aggressive to survive while pregnant and they are living this as well in the womb. 

So while you may have never mistreated the pet and gave them nothing but love and security and a wonderful home and see no reason for the behavior, believe me, it’s there and very real.

When this occurs I work with them through a procedure called NLP which is neuro linguistic programming meaning to simply switch the picture. They show me an image of an event or memory and we work together to fade it far away replacing it with a picture of a time of love and security. This is life hanging for them!

Many times you will see a hugh change in the pet after a communication session simply because they have been able to speak and convey to you why this is happening and where it comes from and know that you understand them now.  Also hugh!

So when you’re standing there shaking your head and just not getting it, ask them!  You’ll get the straight story and understanding and compassion can come into play to go forward with everyone being healthy and whole.





POWER!  That’s the first word they use. 

I recently had the privilege to stand in the presence of and communicate with an amazing equine athlete. He wanted me to know that his lineage and training consisted of POWER and that’s exactly what he needed to perform at his level of competition. He was born with it and his trainers in Germany brought the best of it out in him and he became amazing. 

These are his words “warm up is the  time for me to begin to really start to focus and bring myself into rhythm. Rhythm is very important at this point!   Riders and trainers need to take heed of this important time. Upon entering the arena there is a sense of overwhelm at times simply because I have my nerves plus the nerves of the rider going straight into my spine. It is that point that I must center myself, take some deep breaths and find the power that has been instilled in me since birth. But of most importance here is that I have to get into my head enough to use that power in combination with the grace and persision that depicts my sport. I am an athlete and I must train and perform as such.”

Listening to him I could actually picture what it was like for him preparing for a competition of this magnitude and feel the preparation he undergoes before each show.  I could see and feel him getting into his rhythm, approaching the arena opening, taking a deep breath, looking around to take it all in, feeling the feeling of competition, saying a small prayer that his rider will keep the rhythm and not let nerve overtake them, from there he pulls from within and goes for Gold!  But Gold for them consists of not just the medal but the feeling of accomplishment and connection between them and their riders!  THAT CONNECTION IS THE REAL GOLD FOR THEM! 

It is the same for them as the human athletes and they want us to know that.  Even the mental preparation and getting into the “zone” of competition is the same.  The blessing for me in this conversation was the overwhelming feeling of respect for this powerful animal who can take that power and turn it into a form of athletic competition that requires the use of it with grace, poise and safety for their rider. 

These are true athletes folks, so let’s wish them all the best!

Listen to their words, it will change your life!





Theres nothing more heartbreaking than losing a pet and not knowing where they are, if they are alive or have crossed over and what has happened to them.

When a pet has been lost or stolen Animal Communication is key! As communicators we are trained to connect with a pet remotely to be able to speak with them wherever they are and, as such, hopefully find their location.

Animal Communication in finding lost pets helps in the following areas:

1. First and foremost to ascertain if the pet is still with us or has crossed over.

2. To assess any injuries they may have.

3. As we speak with them they can give us a location by simply telling us what they see around them.

4. Animals will oftentimes give us directions such as where they traveled which is key to knowing where to begin to look.

5. It is also important that as people are out looking for them that the Communicator stay in touch with the pet to let them know that there family is out there looking and doing everything they can to find them.

6. Keeping a frightened animal calm in the mist of being lost from there family and panicked is key to encouraging them to go to the people who are trying to help them.

7. Often you can give them a location to go to to find help.

8. So important in the Communication is that their loved ones know that they are ok and that someone is communicating with them.

And example: I was working with a puppy that had gotten lost from his family in Upstate NY where the family had a camp in a very small town. The puppy gave great directions as to where he went when he headed out. HOWEVER, the most important clue was that he said he was with a family with a father that fixed teeth. This led us to look for any dentists we could find in the area. Thankfully because it was a small town there were only two and the very first one had the puppy. The dentist and his family also had a camp there and had taken the puppy in. That was an easy one. Most are more complicated.

A missing foster cat ran away and was able to show images of old cars and trash cans where he was so after setting a trap in that location he was caught on the second day.

MOST IMPORTANTLY do not give up. I have worked with lost or stolen pets who are reunited after a year!

When you have a lost pet, I urge you to make your first call to a Communicator!




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