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I recently had the honor of speaking with a dog who had lost a human member of the family.  She was a companion to the 99 year old lady who had recently passed away.  She and the daughter of the lady who had passed were the ones left in the home.  For the daughter who was left her Mom was her everything and she had been caring for her Mom for quite awhile.  It was always just the two of them and their beloved pets.  One long time pet had crossed over and they now had a new companion who was quite a personality.  

The session was scheduled for me to speak with the dog because she was exhibiting very sad and depressed behavior and everyone was wondering how to help her with the passing of her companion.  Another reason for reaching out to me was because she had been looking for another dog to bring into the home as a companion since the lady was now gone and the little dog was alone all day.  Even in her struggles to go on after the death of her Mom the lady was mostly concerned for her little dog and how to help her. 

So I began the session thinking that we would be dealing with grief and deep sadness from this little dog at the loss of her constant companion but that was not to be!

What a wonderful blessing this little dog was to the woman grieving the loss of her Mom because she said “every time I think of her I smile.  I get so happy when I think of her now because I know that she is in Heaven and happy and well and whole and with all her loved ones who have gone before.  I am not sad for her, I am happy every time she comes to my mind.  I get so happy thinking about her being whole and perfectly in Spirit!  My heart rejoices for her.” 

So, why the grief?  Well as it turns out this little dog was taking on all the grief of her human and responding in kind.  This was not her grief but that of her person.  So often we think our animals are depressed and reach out for help for them only to find out it is our grief and issues they are taking on.  Our animals are like hugh refrigerator magnets taking all of our emotions and pain onto themselves.  That is the level of love they have for us.  Your grief is their grief.  Your pain becomes their pain and so the story goes.

This lady’s religion and belief consisted of deep grief  for those who have passed, regular visits to the cemetery and a feeling of permanent loss.  However, this one little dog changed her thinking forever.  The little dog asked her to please go out and get living plants for all over the house.  She asked that the windows be opened and living things be brought into the house to celebrate living not death.  She asked the  lady to try just for one day to be happy when she thought of her Mom being in Heaven and then maybe again the next. 

So this lady learned to deal with the loss of a loved one in a whole different way.  As we spoke to the little dog I could feel this woman’s grief lifting.  I could feel her tapping into the emotions of her beloved pet and getting happy and excited when she thought of her Mom instead of depressed.  This one little dog taught her to be happy when she thought about her Mom in Heaven instead of depressed.  This was the way her little friend dealt with the loss and it was life changing for her. 

I could tell in the beginning of the conversation that this lady did not know how to process death in this manner.  However, her love for her pet led her forward into this session and she really opened her heart to listen to this little girl who seemed to have all the answers to grief and I was happy to be a part of that kind of joy for the crossing of a loved one.

Grief literally turned into a celebration!  A session that was thought to be about loss and sadness turned out to be one of joy and uplifting excitement at the thought of this wonderful 99 year old woman who had returned home to Spirit and it all came from this amazing little dog who had nothing but joy around the passing of her friend.

You see, this one little dog showed us that day that when we think about our loved ones who have crossed we should get excited, wag our tails and do our happy dance because they are in Heaven, whole, well and beyond any physical demands or illnesses.  This is how she chose to send her loved one off.  Not with grief and constant remembrance of the sadness of the situation.

The fact that she asked for living plants to be brought in and windows opened to breath in fresh air and take in life was a simple suggestion to her human not to wallow in her grief and concept of death.  I believe with all my heart that this little dog changed the way her human will forever think of death. 

“I smile every time I think of her and where she is now” is such a better way to remember our loved ones who have crossed.  Perhaps it is in the wisdom of our pets that we will learn what it truly means to  be joyful in the knowledge that our loved ones are at peace and in a place we can only try to imagine. 

The most amazing part of this story is that I initially met this little dog just the Summer before when she was a rescue.  The lady and her elderly mother had adopted this little girl through a rescue organization and gave her a home when she was abandoned by her family.  Oh how this little one shined when she was called on to rescue them! 








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It has been on my heart now for quite some time that I’m not sure it’s any different with horses then it would be for any animals who is confined almost all their lives.  So race horses for example can sometimes have only a few moments a day if that to leave their stalls to go on a walker after a bath or for a brief period of exercise. Other than that at most race tracks or racing barns they live in stalls almost 24/7. 

Show horses, especially if in the care of a trainer or boarding facility responsible for their well-being and safety will sometimes never leave their stall for fear of injury in a pasture or arena.  In so many of the show barns I have been in they literally clean the stall with the horse in it because the horse does not go outside.  Even if they get really lucky and go to a barn where they can get some outside time it is very limited – sometimes only an hour a day.  I am in no way saying this is the norm or a way of life for show horses or training barns everywhere but it’s happening much more than you could ever know.

And get this, you have no idea how many “professionals” and experts are completely fine with this.  They see absolutely no reason why this hugh animal should need to leave a tiny stall, run, get fresh air and be a living soul.  This is a part of Animal Communication that totally blows my mind.  Because I have to tell you these people for the most part are very educated (i.e. doctors, lawyers, CPAs, scientists, you name it).  

So, I began to think.  Because I know how horrible it is to see on TV or hear of an animal who has been left in a crate their whole lives.  Even though they have food and water and are cared for they never really leave that crate and I know that most of America and worldwide would be appalled at that and want justice for that animal!  At the very least their hearts would break for them never feeling the air on their face or the wind in their face.

A great many horses simply shut down with this type of lifestyle.  Yes they perform and do their jobs but are totally detached from humans and sometimes other horses.  People will oftentimes say the horse is aloof, but more times than not they are just shut down.

I can only imagine that if the people who believe in this type of lifestyle for these beautifully large animals could only for a moment put themselves in their hoofs maybe they would understand never feeling fresh air or running free in a pasture for awhile, feeling the breeze or the grass under their feet and realize truth.  That truth is that the horse’s soul and their souls have the exact same needs! One soul is in a horse and one soul is in a human, but both souls have the same needs.  There is no difference! 

The appalling feeling our society has (especially animal lovers and rescue groups) around finding animals in situations where they have never left a crate but lived their entire lives in confinement should relate to all animals and I feel especially horses because of their sheer size and need to be who they were born to be.  Yet it is the norm in many competitive barns and other barns around our country that horses live the majority of their days in stalls with humans cleaning around them.  This is not to say they don’t get exercise because they certainly leave the barn to show and also lesson with their people but it’s the confinement that gets to me when this is not happening.

I’m basically saying here that maybe there can come a time when this is looked at the same way it would be looked at for any animal for which we would seek justice for being confined the majority of their lives. 

Don’t get me wrong, in most of these facilities these horses are treated like royalty and I’m going to acknowledge this right here.  They have the most beautiful stalls, the best vet care, chiropractic, accupunture, training, food and love and warmth in the winter and cool in the heat.  The best of the best!  This is because these horses are loved and respected for what they do.  Pampered beyond belief in some cases.  But why with all of this is it not understood that confinement is really tough on their souls as it would be to any human as well?  There’s no difference.

This has been on my heart and now maybe it will be on yours especially to those who work with or own these amazing beings!  I was told once that in order to be a true communicator I would need to become the crow.  I thought that very strange, but then I was told it meant going inside and looking through the eyes of the crow to see and experience it’s life and existence.  It was merely an example but I never forgot it.  So I would ask each person in the care of a horse who has to for whatever reason face confinement for most of their existence to “become the crow” go inside and see the world through their eyes and experience life from their perspective.  I guess what I’m really asking is that people will look at them as equals with the same basic needs as them and maybe just for a moment see the world through their eyes and LET THEM RUN!




I learned something recently from a client that I wanted to share with you.  Her older dog went to the vet with all the common signs of a stroke – falling, no coordination, head tilt, etc.  Oftentimes when there isn’t a clear indication of what is going on especially in older animals, the diagnosis of “stroke” can be common.  It’s broad and can encompass many behaviors or signs.  Stroke can seem to be a general diagnosis when no one is really sure and extensive testing doesn’t make sense at that point.  I’m not a vet so I really don’t know much about strokes or vestibular disease but it’s worth mentioning because it may help a lot of animals with a general diagnosis of stroke.

So, from what I googled, Vestibular Disease is a condition in which animals can suddenly develop incoordination, falling or circling, disorientation, etc.  Apparently the vestibular apparatus is located in the inner ear and is responsible for maintaining balance and sense of orientation.  Animals do recover from this it seems but it is often diagnosed as stroke.   

After hearing this I realized that we also had an older dog who suddenly showed these signs and the vet said it was probably a stroke but we never really knew for sure.  We also had an older cat with the same symptoms also diagnosed with a possible stroke.  We never knew to ask about vestibular issues. 

This is something that I found very interesting and I wanted to pass it along because of the fact that these symptoms are so similar to stroke and stroke can be a very general diagnosis but it may in fact be vestibular and I’m not sure that it’s a common thing that vets look for or for that matter are familiar with. 

It also turned out that this particular dog I was speaking with had a thyroid issue and was on medication for that.  In a further google search, because I was just interested in the connection, I did find medical sights that seemed to connect the two.  A connection between Vestibular Disease and Thyroid.  Once again, I’m not a vet but this just seems very interesting to me. 

This is exciting news for me because I can pass it along and hopefully help many animals and their owners as well.  With all the information available to us 24/7 through the internet it’s something to look into should you have the uncertain stroke diagnosis for your pet and for many who read this it will be something to research for current conditions in their pets. 

So, if you find yourself and your pet in that situation maybe just ask for or seek an opinion from a vet or specialist before assuming it may be stroke related.  I think I have also heard of this for older horses as well where they just assume it’s stroke related because of the symptoms. 

My hope is that you never encounter this with  your pets but, should it be, it’s something to inquire about and pass along to others who may be in that uncertain situation with their pet.




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Now that horse show season is upon us and in full force the calls are pouring in from clients literally at a show with a horse that is refusing jumps and oftentimes acting very spooky and wired.

This has become such a common occurrence over the years it’s almost like clockwork.  Many people will pick up the phone right away and call for help while others may exhaust every avenue known to them and finally call me for clarification and to have me communicate with their horse.  Either way it eventually works out. 

This can be a very frustrating experience especially for younger riders but also the ones at the top of their game in competition.  The frustration often comes from the horse being perfectly fine expressing no signs of anxiety or physical discomfort.  One who has been absolutely fine at home and sometimes most of the way through the show.  Then all of the sudden here comes this behavior of refusing jumps or being jumpy.  For so many there is so much on the line and answers need to come fast and they need to be right on point.  This is true for the horse as well as the rider. 

So, when the call comes in that out of the blue this horse has started refusing jumps and/or being spooky in the arena I immediately ask them to show me what is happening and to ascertain if this is physical or emotional.  You would not believe how straight forward they are.  Many times they will run me through their experience with images as well as words but most of the time it is a very small adjustment that needs to be done and they are fine as wine!

This should be helpful.  One time I had a trainer call me from a large competition in North Carolina and had literally just walked out of the arena to call me.  Everyone was totally confused and needed answers right then.  So, get this, the horse showed me an image of and told me of being lunged on a different and much deeper surface the day before the show.  The issue he was having was that this deep surface caused him to use muscles in his hamstrings that he had not worked like that.  When I mentioned this to his trainer, he said yes that because of weather they had to be lunged inside with deep  footing and it would have caused him to overuse those muscles.  The example he showed me was almost like a human going to the gym for the first time that year and all the muscles that haven’t been worked for awhile or maybe years for some of us.  So, don’t you know, they checked out the hamstrings on both sides.  Both were extremely tight.  He didn’t want to leave the ground because they hurt.  They worked on the hamstrings, got them loose and he was fine.

Another time it was a matter of getting new shoes right before as well as feeling rushed at the jump. Many times these horses have been ridden by others and the style is different or it may be that they have several different riders and this can be confusing.  But the one constant that comes up in most cases is that the rider needs to make a small adjustment.  Oftentimes it is that the saddle needs to be moved up or back by only an inch or two and it makes a tremendous difference.  Other times it is the way the rider is sitting up too far or back to far by even an inch or two and it makes a hugh difference to them.  The higher the competition level of the horse the smaller the adjustment will be that makes them off.  If the saddle happens to be up or back even by a small amount it causes the rider to sit up or back on them and even the smallest amount can make a difference.  So basically it can simply be weight distribution and we may never know it because we aren’t thinking an inch or so makes all that much difference.

Of course a nervous rider will cause the refusals as well as a rider who pushes even when they can tell the horse is hesitant.  Many horses have just simply been over shown or have lost their confidence because of being pushed when not comfortable. The most important thing you want is a cool, calm and collected horse going into competition but the higher the stakes the more pressure on them. 

I have to say this to you at this point understanding is key here.  The most productive straight forward way to address this is to speak with them directly!  It’s that simple.  Who better to tell you what exactly is going on and how to fix it than the one actually competing and doing the work.  There are so many different reasons for a  horse refusing jumps but you will only really know when it comes straight from their mouths.

So what are some of the reasons horses refuse jumps? 

Being rushed to the jump,
Rider position,
Saddle position,
Confidence levels,
Hamstrings or something physical,
Nervous rider,

The last one on the list I believe is the most important other than physical pain because it is the norm for these horses to be belittled and get the brunt of so much anger, frustration and disappointment that their souls get broken.  They are just trying the best they can and it is only because something is going on with them either physically or emotionally that they are trying to tell us something by refusing.  This is part of their language to you.  Listen to it and try to find someone who can speak with them and work it out.

At times like this I see so many wonderful horses be sold. go to auctions where no one knows what happens to them or how they are treated,  or put out to pasture because they are not living up to their performance levels and all it really would have taken was an open conversation with them allowing them to speak and share their feelings and words. 

Also one horse in the South that I worked with had been given shots just a day or so prior to being trailered to the show hours away in a location she had never been before.  I believe some of the shots had to do with ones necessary to travel there and be in the show.  Well, the horse had an allergic reaction to them and also had a respiratory problem at the show itself because of being allergic to certain things in that area of the country or the barn they were in.  So when asked to jump she wouldn’t which was extremely rare for her.  When I asked her she said she was not getting air.  Her windpipe seemed very restricted which wasn’t showing in labored breathing and she couldn’t jump well.  So she was having an allergic reaction which no one would have ever known.  But it was very sad because the young girl showing her had lots of people who had come to see her show and she was very frustrated and angry at this amazing horse.  That part of it broke my heart because I knew this horse to always give her all and more and never disappoint but this time she was struggling and without knowing people were very angry with her.

The most important thing I will say here is that “making” them do it and pushing them through it when they are uncomfortable too many times in my opinion makes things so much worse.  What better way to understand why they are refusing than to simply ask them.

This is a funny thing that I have to add here after many years of doing this.  I know from my experience when my own daughter showed and just being around so many high end horse shows what it costs financially to do this.  Not only the cost of these incredibly experienced warms bloods that are coming in, but the training, the transport, farriers, vets, clothing to say the least, tack, etc. can be ginormous!  Yet when there is an issue whether physical or behavioral that is really difficult for both the human and horse people will so often say “well I don’t know if I really want to spend the money for an Animal Communication session”. It blows my mind.  I completely understand if people either don’t believe in it or don’t have a comfort level with it, but these people are actually making a decision based on finances which is most likely the very least expensive thing they will do.

Giving any animal the gift of speech is the best gift you will ever give them except your love and care.  For so many it is the first time in their life they have ever been able to speak and not only express their feelings but share their history and backgrounds with us to help us better know and understand them.  This is true for any animal but I will say to you that when it comes to animals who are competitors and athletes they have to have their head in the game the same as a human athlete.  They have to be physically fit as well as emotionally prepared and mentally in good form. 

So, the next time your horse refuses a jump, please don’t think they are just being stubborn or unwilling. Please don’t punish them or say mean things to them.  They feel the same as we do.  They grieve, they hurt, they feel and process negativity the same way we do.  Don’t bully – ask.  For what is it all about if we can’t connect with them and talk through each situation as it comes as one, as a team and as friends one to the other.  For at the end of the day, this is a team, not you are a human and they are a horse so you will make them do what you want them to.  Put yourself in their hoofs for a day or a moment, listen to their words, hear them and go from there but at least you have a starting point instead of frustration and punishment.

I’m sure I’m going to be giving this lecture (sorry) for the rest of the show season.  I hope this reaches many ears and a multitude of horses get to speak this year!






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As I watched the news today of the storms throughout the country, it reminded me of how often we deal with beloved pets who are deathly afraid of storms.  If we find ourselves in the path of these storms we can most likely communicate with someone especially our family and friends who are near.  However, for a pet they can only communicate through the fear and panic they experience.  This can be very difficult to watch and oftentimes we feel helpless to take their fear away and bring them comfort.  Most of the people I speak with say they have tried everything from medication to products for calming and nothing really seems to help.

In speaking with the animals, they always say that it is a panic that is uncontrollable.  Almost like a phobia in humans.  Many times they will show me an image of what it’s like when they are in their panic mode and it is obvious that they cannot control this fear or settle themselves in any way.  So what do you do?

Something that I have found very helpful is to ask them to show me an image of themselves when this is happening.  Knowing that they are safe with me I ask them to bring that image very close to them and see it as vividly as possible without bringing it to them.  We then spend some time fading that image way up into a cloud and no matter how hard they try they cannot see if and then we switch it to an image that they have of themselves being very calm during a storm.  We bring that image very close and vivid as well and it replaces the old.

Mostly every time we do the “switch image” exercise I will hear that a storm came through and they slept through it or at the very least were much calmer.  This is a method that works very well and has had tremendous success.  This is merely a suggestion to you and if you happen to use an Animal Communicator you may want to ask if they practice that as well or visit my website for more information.  This is not an exercise you should do yourself with them with no training.

However, if you are in a situation where you do not have a Communicator available, I would just suggest speaking with them either through your verbal words or sending thoughts and images to them which they understand simply letting them know you understand and that you hear them through their actions.  So many animal behaviors change simply from being able to communicate and tell us how they feel and what’s going on with them.  Somehow just getting it off their chests is all they need, kind of just like us humans.

Most of the time people are just trying everything they can think of at the time to calm their pet but communicating with them and just saying “I get it” can help so much.

If you have a pet who is traumatized by storms or loud noises I would encourage you to reach out to a Communicator.  I find most of the time that if there is a behavior that needs help the pet will tell us exactly what they need to help them.  It works almost every time!  So, whereas we may be trying everything we can think of, it may be something completely different that they need and they will tell us if given the chance to speak.

Basically they are able to tell us exactly what’s happening, what it feels like and the best way to help them with very little guesswork!

It is so incredibly rewarding to hear a story of fear and total panic turn to relaxation and calm when the storms come.  We need to help them and we can – they can get through this through Communication!

Non of the blogs you will see on my website are intended to promote or bring business to myself, although I am open to helping all animals.  In most, I mention reaching out to an Animal Communicator whether it be me or another professional because the main goal for me is getting the information out and bringing forth what the animals need first and foremost.







Many Animal Communicators such as myself travel extensively for work. It’s one of the most exciting aspects of my job traveling to so many different places and meeting really interesting people and animals along the way. My travels have taken me around the Country and the people I have come in contact with have been amazing to say nothing of the special, special animals I have been blessed to speak with. There really are no words to express the joy of being their voice, speaking for them and interpreting their every thought or feeling and giving them the gift of speech, many for the first time ever.

My travels initially began by visiting barns mostly working with horses which continues to be the majority of my travel today. So, I just wanted to say that even though the majority of Animal Communications sessions are done remotely over the phone I believe, there are many other aspects of Animal Communication that you may not know of that would be interesting to you and helpful to animals everywhere.

Animal Communication encompasses many areas that many may not even know about such as not only speaking with an animal who is living and with us but also our beloved animals who have crossed over. It is one of the most healing experiences you can ever have and lifts grief in an almost miraculous way. I hope for you that if or when you have the experience of having to say farewell to a beloved pet there is someone to reach out to just on the other end of the phone or email who says “yes, I am happy to speak with them” and you connect with that one special Communicator who brings your loved one through once again because it is truly life changing.

And, of course, we can’t forget the most important part of their crossing which is to have that conversation with them as they come to the end of their life with us that tells us their thoughts and wishes and expresses their love and gratitude for their family and friends. Being able to sit with them as they face this time in their lives, to really hear them and share in their fears or peace and at the end of their lives giving the gift that allows them to speak is your greatest gift.

And what about Animal Communication for a lost or missing pet? It’s not always someone’s first thought when they have a missing pet but it’s a great way to find them. Animal Communication in finding lost pets at least for me is about connecting with them to see if they are still with us physically or have crossed over and to ascertain if they are injured in any way. The goal, of course, then is to try to find a location or direction through landmarks or individuals. And also of importance is letting them know that we are here, we are trying with everything we have to find them, we will not leave them and our goal is always to bring them home all the while assuring them of their family’s love and prayers for them. This comforts them until they can again be with their loved ones.

I really do believe in the saying “when the pupil is ready, the teacher will come”. That’s exactly what happened to me when I moved from Los Angeles to Upstate New York and was worried I wouldn’t find an Animal Communicator in our area, as we used may in CA. But find one I did. She was amazing and right about the time I thought I would like to learn Animal Communication I found out she taught classes! And so it began and she was amazing and still is to this day. But I found her right when I was looking, so your teacher may be right around the corner. So many people I have spoken with in my travels say that they really have connections with their animals and feel they can communicate with them on some level. They know they are trying to tell them something but just don’t know what. It can be frustrating for some. There are so many people out there who would absolutely love to take an Animal Communication Class, many of which don’t even know they exist.

Animal Communication for Rescue Organizations and Shelters is off the charts amazing. Here you have all these animals, many with traumas and injuries, who now need to find homes, but how do you know if it’s the right one? Is it the right fit? So often it isn’t and the animal returns or is moved around because people don’t understand their past, their fears or behavior. Speaking with the animal as well as their potential new family is the absolute best way to start the new relationship off right or maybe wait for another family if the fit doesn’t feel right for the animal as well.

So, the benefits of Animal Communication are endless. But what I wanted to get across is that you don’t have to just speak with a Communicator on the phone. There are many avenues to explore, some of which you can host right in your area.

For instance, you can host a barn visit for individual sessions to see just what’s going on in the head of that horse of yours, as well as host a Beginning Animal Communication Class. For everyone who has always wanted to learn, just do it! Get a group together and go for it! Nothing like learning something new all the time in addition to being able to speak to your pets! And if you like to host parties, have a Gathering to connect with pets who have crossed over! Lots of tears but many laughs as well. It’s a very touching and special Gathering of friends, family and loved ones who have crossed.

Rescue Organizations and Shelters have the opportunity to reach out for help for their most needy and all with fears and traumas to help them in their transistions to new families and loved ones by calling on a Communicator to come to their area to offer help to as many as possible.

And, very importantly, don’t be afraid to call in an Animal Communicator for help in locating a lost or missing pet. It’s can’t hurt!

As much as this Blog may sound self-promoting, and it is to a degree, it’s promoting Animal Communication as a whole in the sense that I find so many people who don’t know of all the benefits of it. Many people may have had a phone session or a brief session in person at one time or another but don’t know all the different levels of Communication and the many areas it touches. In promoting what I do I also have an opportunity to promote something that is life-changing for animals as well as their humans and touches animals in all walks of life. So, in that sense I will keep promoting it for whether you connect with me or another Communicator it’s important that the connection be made to let animals speak, many times for the first time in their life!

The purpose of this Blog is to bring awareness of the many different benefits of Animal Communication and to encourage you to use all the avenues whether it’s expanding your horizons and taking a class or just witnessing a personal session. It’s an amazing journey with your pet that will grow the love and understanding you share together. Having a chance to Gather as friends and family to connect with our loved ones who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge in togetherness and support allows our crossed loved ones to once again share the joy and love that made each one so special and to heal as only they can.

Host a visit! Host a Class or Gathering! Just take the first step in strengthening that love and connection and utilize all the different levels and aspects of Animal Communication at it’s best.

For information on hosting events, please visit this website!




Yesterday I had the honor and privilege of connecting with the soul who is Beau. His new mom requested a session to get to know him better and learn of his past since he had very recently come into her life at the age of seven from a rescue organization.

In opening up to speak with Beau I asked him to tell me a little bit about himself and his life thus far. He told me he was from the South and had originally lived with a very wealthy woman who took him everywhere and he lived in a large mansion, traveled and was a show piece so to speak. He said for whatever reason her circumstances changed and he was never really sure why but she thought she had found a good home for him and the people ended up being puppy mill people and at around the age of four he ended up in an Amish puppy mill in the South where he stayed for about three years.

Beau went on to tell us other things about himself and to explain some of his behaviors to his new family. So many things began to make sense to his new mom when he opened up and started talking. Everything she had wondered about became so clear to her and the connection and love between them grew even stronger. Sometimes just the understanding of what that animal has been through opens the doors and hearts of so many to truly understand them and love them even deeper.

We spoke of many things that were important such as his health, foods, supplements, fears of certain things and emotional issues. At first he only spoke briefly of the puppy mill. But as the session continued and we were getting to the last few minutes he really began to share in depth his experience there and the toll it took on his soul and those around him. It was at this time that he told me he wanted to get his story out there for all to read and understand not only the environment and deplorable conditions they endure but also and most importantly to him was to help people understand and accept the puppy mill dog they may adopt. I guess his whole premise was “What Now?” What happens now that you have opened your heart and brought this amazing animal into your home to give them love and warmth sometimes for the very first time in their life. What Now? How do I understand your behavior, fears and emotions?

So, I told him I would bring his words through. I would be his interpreter and I am blessed to have been chosen by him. Before each session I ask God Creator of All That Is to be allowed to be a clear and open channel for that animal. I ask that their Guides be allowed to work in accordance with my Guides for the highest good of all concerned. And so it is that I interpret Beau’s words and bring to you his story and what he wants the world to know about Amazing Grace and the life in a puppy mill. Here it is!

“I am a very small dog. My name is Beau and I am a Pomeranian. Apparently I was at one point very expensive and I guess somewhat of a status symbol. So I lived with this very high energy lady in an extremely large home which I didn’t spend much time in because she carried me around everywhere she went and that, of course, included her many travels. I am very well-traveled and polite in all aspects of airline travel. My new mom was amazed at this.

So, here I am living this life of a world traveler and pocket book dog and the next thing I know I am with these very strange people who were not the people I would stay with. They were go-betweens I guess for the place where the puppy mill dogs ended up. Of course, cash was exchanged.

As I said in my session to Shirley and my mom, I know it isn’t right and it is a human sin but I have hatred for the people who run puppy mills. I know I should never have hate in my heart but I do. I have hate for the people who could be so inhuman and care nothing of their torture and murder of innocent souls many lingering as long as they possibly could before giving up and going to a much better place. I’m sorry to say this but it’s how I feel. I hope to some day release this hatred and I will be giving it all I have when Shirley and I work on replacing some of the pictures and replacing them with images of love and safety. I look forward to letting go and I am blessed to have this avenue through communication. More Amazing Grace.

If they only understood there is a soul in there, a soul that feels, hurts, grieves, loves and lives just as their soul does. But that’s not what this is about. This isn’t about going into gory detail about the conditions of a puppy mill or our experiences there. This is not to make you sad or depressed about our lives there. This is about Grace, the Grace that is given us to live through it and come out either in Heaven or on the other side in a wonderful home filled with love and every comfort imaginable. This is meant to uplift you and touch your soul in a way that only Grace can. This is about survival that can only come from a Power much higher than ours. And you you don’t get anything else out of what I have to say today, get that we are not alone and the miracle of our lives going from the mill to the family home did not happen on our own. The type of miracle you see in the before and after of our lives can only be described as God’s Grace and that’s what this is about for me.

I liken it to a human being stranded on a desert island with all hope lost. No water, no food, dehydrated and hallucinating and just when you lay your head down to give up you hear the plane approaching and they have found you. You never forget that moment when a human actually touches, gives you a drink of water and tells you everything is going to be okay. And, of course, the first words out of their mouth is “Thank God”! When literally all hope is gone and the misery is too much to take and it’s just been like that for so long and then one day someone reaches into your cage and takes you away to the paradise of love, food and help that is witnessing a Miracle and there’s no other way to describe it for us. Amazing Grace. I’ve lived Amazing Grace up close and personal.

And where does the strength come from? Where does the will come from to keep going each day when all hope is lost? It didn’t come from me I can tell you that. For me personally I believe it came from knowing what the good life was and believing that somehow I could get there again. For me it was believing that someday it would happen. There really is so much to be said about believing! I just believed that someday God would send me a Angel and I would be free to love again. I can tell you without a doubt that the first words out of my little dog mouth from my lips to God’s ears were “Thank God”. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t thank my God for saving me and for sending me the Grace I needed everyday to live. When you have that type of will it does not come from you. It comes from a much higher power and I can only explain and Grace.

I know it is upsetting for people to think of the large numbers of animals found in puppy mills but one thing I will say about the numbers is that often times it’s where we got our strength. Sadly strength in numbers. We took strength from others when we needed it and gave it back when they were down. We loved each other and gave the best pep talks in the world when things were bad and we drew strength from one another. I just wanted to share that.

I want to say this to you. It’s like living through a war zone and coming out with PTSD at the highest levels possible. Are we ever the same? No. Can we learn to love again and feel safe? Absolutely. But humans with PTSD can speak with people about it if they choose and get help through sharing their feelings, fears and emotions. A dog can only speak in terms of behavior unless they are blessed to have an animal communicator. Just saying! So we have all of the same issues but how do we tell you? How do we let you know of our fears, emotional distress or anxiety? Only through our behavior. I say this to you to ask for understanding and patience as it relates to bringing us into your homes. Please deal with it as you would a human coming home from war. And most important listen to us. We are speaking with our behavior, please listen to it.

So, how do you deal with a puppy mill dog when you bring them home? Look into their eyes and try to understand with everything inside you that these dogs have been through a war zone and deal with them as you would a human with in the same situation. It really is very similar. As with humans, you will never be able to fully understand what they went through or how it affected them, but the one thing you can understand is that they went through it and that’s really all that matters. You just start from there. It’s all about the understanding.

Understanding is really all we are asking for. The food is great and the clean bed is beyond measure for us. The love of a wonderful family is the most amazing thing possible for us. But that’s really all secondary to the understanding. To just looking into our eyes and saying from you soul, “it’s okay, I understand.”

Whether you are human or animal it makes no difference. It is at that time in our life when things are at the very lowest, hope left ages ago and tomorrow isn’t looking any better that someone reaches that hand out to you, lifts you up and says “it’s gonna be okay, you’re safe now” that we truly see Grace and it’s the Amazing kind. People say how can dogs be religious? I’m very glad you asked that question because you see, we are not just dogs, we are souls just like yours. Souls that connect to God and the Universe in Amazing ways and live to bring their messages to all in the hopes that the light comes in, the understanding is there and the love you will share with us will bring you joy!

I believe with everything inside of me that I lived for a reason. There was a reason God sent that person to reach their hand my into cage and tell me everything was going to be okay. I believe that reason was so I could tell the world through the eyes of a dog what it’s like in a puppy mill but more importantly to tell the world of Amazing Grace from first-hand knowledge.

My hope, of course, is that more puppy mills will be found and the souls there saved or at the very least people will stop buying from them which would end the problem all together. I also hope that you will understand us better when we come into our homes and hearts and most importantly I hope that from the words of one very small dog you will know and believe that when life seems done there’s always that hand sent from God that says it’s okay. There’s always that airplane in the background that you know is coming for you when you hear yourself say “Thank God”!




As we begin this New Year the general consensus from animals in all walks of life is that there has never been a time in our lives when forgiveness has been more important and imperative. Have you ever noticed how forgiving animals are? How they come right back and love us no matter what we do and no matter how bad our day or lives have been. Their unconditional love is what draws our hearts and souls to them and their forgiveness limitless.

Their collective message to the Universe is to be more like them. Millions of people speak of their love for their animals and the beauty of each individual soul therein. As animal lovers we bask in the rewards of having them near and in our lives and witnessing their love, faithfulness and loyalty at all times. What makes them so special? What gives them a sense of unconditional love and the depth of their forgiveness? I really wish I knew.

So, it is at this stage in the life of our country and others that we need to tap into their abilities and follow as close as possible.

Collectively the animals feel a real sense of fear from humans as anger builds and ego takes over. They are witnessing a level of ego that is very sad to them because they know of the uselessness of it. You see, animals act from the heart and because of that they make a difference that nothing else can. As animals have followed our lead whether in training or in positions of service they follow our direction as best they can and give one hundred percent to please us and be our friends as well as to live up to their obligations of service.

In 2019 they want us to know that now is the time to lead with our hearts. Now is the time to reverse things and follow their lead. Learn from them. Their message is not so much in bonding together and trying to gain strength in numbers for whatever cause we are facing but to start with one person – ourselves. In a pack environment they learn that there really is no happy ending. Everyone will lose at some point and thus is the life of understanding only the strong survive. But humans are not packs and they feel if we continue to gain strength in numbers it will end the same way.

What they want us to know as a human race is that love, strength and forgiveness is the power we are seeking. They would want us to know that living their life – the only life they know – enhances our lives every moment as well as heals our world.

In 2019 now more than ever they say to us “draw on your strength if you must, but don’t lose the love and more than anything don’t lose your sense of forgiveness. When the anger and frustration hit by the things going on in our world, don’t look to the pack, look to yourself for that is really all you have. The pack mentality will not serve us now. We can only be served by open hearts, understanding and most of all forgiveness. Packs collectively share each other energies and feed off of them but this is not what humans need now. Now more than ever taking on energies of the angry, vengeful and egotistic humans in our mist is creating more of the same. Stop, think and feel – something we have forgotten in our rage at what is happening. And more than anything be kind! Just be kind! If you have to take baby steps that’s ok, but follow our lead in service, trust and love at all times. This we pray for you. We will continue to love, forgive and show compassion and understanding as we always have. Follow us. It’s time to take all the amazing things you see in animals and put it to use in the world.”



My journey as an Animal Communicator has recently taken me to a place of coming into the presence of a great deal of Warm Blood Horses imported from all over the world. These amazing animals are special in so many ways from their enormous size in many cases to their exceptional athletic abilities. Quite expensive and prestigious to own these horses are becoming a large part of the “show” world in our country. Not only are they beautiful to look at but their talents are unsurpassed and their abilities to give even when exhausted are examples of what true champions are made of.

However, in communicating with them on a very personal level I have found so many of of them aloof, hard to connect with and not very communicative. The “horse to human” bond is very rarely there. Fortunately I have been able to break through to them and this is their story as they would have it told. I believe, as always, there’s a reason I am in a certain place at a certain time to communicate with animals and many times it is to tell their stories, to speak for them in the hopes of better understanding for them. Here goes!

So they want you to imagine that you are a horse in your country quietly grazing or resting in your stall and the next thing they know you are on a trailer going to an airplane flying to God only knows where with no notice or communication or knowledge of what the future holds. Who will be your person? Who will care for you? What will be expected of you? How is your family back home? Will you ever see them again? What will it be like in your new country? And the list goes on.

Many people do not realize that animals understand our words and read our thoughts exceptionally well. So the very first thing I learned from a Warm Blood new to our country is they do not understand our language. So imagine yourself going about your normal day only to find yourself shipped to a foreign country with no warning or understanding of their language or culture. And not only that but expected to perform at very high levels or learn from a foreign trainer.

So the language barrier is one thing but the most important thing I have realized about these horses is that for the most part in their countries they are bred to sell. As a result most have never really bonded with a human in their life. This explains their aloofness, the far off look in their eyes and their ability to not even acknowledge our existence for the most part. Standing before most of them it is actually hard for me to make a connection and even begin to speak with them. It takes a lot of Angels and heart connection to get through to them. Most of the time this is the first time they have had any type of heart connection with a human and I am blessed every time to be that person!

One horse from Spain was very proud of his culture and wanted to speak a lot about it and loved the grooms in their stable because they spoke Spanish and also played his music. I think his Mom even signed up for a Spanish class! But for the most part many are just aloof and not connected.

We can train them, care for them, show them and give them the best treatments possible but please hear these words WE NEED TO BOND WITH THEM! How, you say? Its so incredibly easy. Stand before them, close your eyes, connect your heart to their heart and send them the feeling and image of love and caring over and over again until that connection comes and you will know it when it does. These horses are literally transformed before our eyes and the difference is night and day. I wish I had testimonials to add here of seeing a completely different horse and the joy of their humans and loved ones in the life they have with them.

To see the joy in a young girls eyes when the love comes and their horse finally connects with them is a wonder to behold. To see the love in the eyes of a horse owner when that breakthrough finally comes is amazing and makes it all worthwhile

You see, so many horse owners love these horses and they are a dream come true for so many of them but yet even though they give these horses the best of the best they often feel the horse is not giving back in terms of affection or even recognition and its hard to give so much and get very little back. But when they understand that this horse has never had human bonding the way we love our horses in this country and take that extra step to make that bond happen their lives together are forever changed. I have witnessed this transformation many times and its a miracle of God to see it happen before your eyes. These are amazing beings who need to be touched with a heart connection that gives them life and brings out the very best in them.

So their words to us are to understand that this is a new country and completely different culture and language. They are not being stubborn, THEY DON’T UNDERSTAND YOUR WORDS! In their countries many do not know the love and connection from humans because they are commodities but oh how they need it. Many are sad because they miss their families or the people who cared for them and, unfortunately, so many are shut down emotionally although they can pull off the performance.

They are giving us a clear picture of what it’s like to be a Warm Blood coming to a new country to begin their new lives and be the champions that they are and opening their hearts to tell us what they need and what will make them better and be the horse of your dreams.

Many continue to be trained, showed and sold again and again. THERE’S A SOUL IN THERE – CONNECT WITH IT – IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

If any of this resonates with you as an owner or trainer of a recently transplanted Warm Blood or even one who has been in our country for awhile, please reach out to make a difference for them. If you have witnessed the transformation personally give a testimonial to that and enrich the lives of those that give us everything they have and more. Giving an animal the gift of speech is the best gift you will EVER give them. It will change their world and yours as well.