Have you ever looked at your pet and thought “what in the world is wrong with you?”

This question is especially interesting when the pet has literally been with you their entire lives from just weeks old. 

People say to me all the time “I’ve had this pet from six weeks of age and nothing has ever happened to make them frightened of people or noises, or insecure or aggressive”.  

So people are often stumped because they just can’t figure out where this behavior comes from. It makes no sense and they can’t wrap their brain around it. 

The answer is simple although it took me speaking with so many of them to understand. They bring it in from birth, from their mothers.  So many have told me stories of their moms being mistreated and frightened during her pregnancy, or starved or of her having to be aggressive to survive while pregnant and they are living this as well in the womb. 

So while you may have never mistreated the pet and gave them nothing but love and security and a wonderful home and see no reason for the behavior, believe me, it’s there and very real.

When this occurs I work with them through a procedure called NLP which is neuro linguistic programming meaning to simply switch the picture. They show me an image of an event or memory and we work together to fade it far away replacing it with a picture of a time of love and security. This is life hanging for them!

Many times you will see a hugh change in the pet after a communication session simply because they have been able to speak and convey to you why this is happening and where it comes from and know that you understand them now.  Also hugh!

So when you’re standing there shaking your head and just not getting it, ask them!  You’ll get the straight story and understanding and compassion can come into play to go forward with everyone being healthy and whole.






POWER!  That’s the first word they use. 

I recently had the privilege to stand in the presence of and communicate with an amazing equine athlete. He wanted me to know that his lineage and training consisted of POWER and that’s exactly what he needed to perform at his level of competition. He was born with it and his trainers in Germany brought the best of it out in him and he became amazing. 

These are his words “warm up is the  time for me to begin to really start to focus and bring myself into rhythm. Rhythm is very important at this point!   Riders and trainers need to take heed of this important time. Upon entering the arena there is a sense of overwhelm at times simply because I have my nerves plus the nerves of the rider going straight into my spine. It is that point that I must center myself, take some deep breaths and find the power that has been instilled in me since birth. But of most importance here is that I have to get into my head enough to use that power in combination with the grace and persision that depicts my sport. I am an athlete and I must train and perform as such.”

Listening to him I could actually picture what it was like for him preparing for a competition of this magnitude and feel the preparation he undergoes before each show.  I could see and feel him getting into his rhythm, approaching the arena opening, taking a deep breath, looking around to take it all in, feeling the feeling of competition, saying a small prayer that his rider will keep the rhythm and not let nerve overtake them, from there he pulls from within and goes for Gold!  But Gold for them consists of not just the medal but the feeling of accomplishment and connection between them and their riders!  THAT CONNECTION IS THE REAL GOLD FOR THEM! 

It is the same for them as the human athletes and they want us to know that.  Even the mental preparation and getting into the “zone” of competition is the same.  The blessing for me in this conversation was the overwhelming feeling of respect for this powerful animal who can take that power and turn it into a form of athletic competition that requires the use of it with grace, poise and safety for their rider. 

These are true athletes folks, so let’s wish them all the best!

Listen to their words, it will change your life!





Theres nothing more heartbreaking than losing a pet and not knowing where they are, if they are alive or have crossed over and what has happened to them.

When a pet has been lost or stolen Animal Communication is key! As communicators we are trained to connect with a pet remotely to be able to speak with them wherever they are and, as such, hopefully find their location.

Animal Communication in finding lost pets helps in the following areas:

1. First and foremost to ascertain if the pet is still with us or has crossed over.

2. To assess any injuries they may have.

3. As we speak with them they can give us a location by simply telling us what they see around them.

4. Animals will oftentimes give us directions such as where they traveled which is key to knowing where to begin to look.

5. It is also important that as people are out looking for them that the Communicator stay in touch with the pet to let them know that there family is out there looking and doing everything they can to find them.

6. Keeping a frightened animal calm in the mist of being lost from there family and panicked is key to encouraging them to go to the people who are trying to help them.

7. Often you can give them a location to go to to find help.

8. So important in the Communication is that their loved ones know that they are ok and that someone is communicating with them.

And example: I was working with a puppy that had gotten lost from his family in Upstate NY where the family had a camp in a very small town. The puppy gave great directions as to where he went when he headed out. HOWEVER, the most important clue was that he said he was with a family with a father that fixed teeth. This led us to look for any dentists we could find in the area. Thankfully because it was a small town there were only two and the very first one had the puppy. The dentist and his family also had a camp there and had taken the puppy in. That was an easy one. Most are more complicated.

A missing foster cat ran away and was able to show images of old cars and trash cans where he was so after setting a trap in that location he was caught on the second day.

MOST IMPORTANTLY do not give up. I have worked with lost or stolen pets who are reunited after a year!

When you have a lost pet, I urge you to make your first call to a Communicator!




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Each day I work with clients who have so many questions and choices to make as it relates to their animals.

Whether it is a decision around a health issue, an emotional issue, moving barns, changing training or just everyday decisions that have to made for them it is ALWAYS best to just ASK THEM!

One of the many advantages of working as a Professional Animal Communicator is being able to interpret for them exactly what they want to say.

For those who may not believe in animal communication I say “have a session, it will change forever how you see an animal as well as yourself”.

When the tough decisions come towards the end of their lives they have final wishes as well. Being able to speak with them allows your heart and mind to be at ease knowing their words have been spoken. ASK THEM!

In making the decision to rehome a pet or add to your pet family all the guesswork is eliminated through a conversation with them through a Communicator.  ASK THEM!

The perfect way to get details about an amazing show animal who is suddenly having strange behavior that no one can figure out is to ASK THEM!

And also when you have medical issues to make decisions around in situations where the vets, specialists, trainers, and experts can find nothing to diagnose, there is no better way to fully know and understand what is going on with them but to ASK THEM.

My purpose for blogging this is to bring awareness of the fact that animals really do communicate and they can tell you what they want and help you make the tough choices and decisions for them.

So the very next time you have the opportunity, give them the GIFT OF SPEECH!




I am sure many of you have witnessed psychic mediums who speak with loved ones who have crossed over and it is amazing!

The sessions and events that they hold are always full of laughter, tears, memories and honor. For me it has always been a blessing to watch.

Why?  Because of the healing that takes place when the person gets a message from a loved one now in Spirit that lets them know that they are ok, that the decisions made around their passing were accurate, that there are no hard feelings as well as messages of love and wisdom from the other side.

For me I witness this every time I speak to an animal who has crossed over. I see the tears of joy and grief that come from speaking with their beloved pet. I see the laughter through tears when the pet remembers funny times and I see the grief lift when their questions are answered and they know their pet is at peace.

So, just as you see very often when a psychic medium will visit a home to do group readings you can now host one of your own except for pets who have crossed over!

I have decided to do this not as a financial boost for my practice but because it is one of my favorite parts of the communication that I do and because I feel I am being led to give back now and help with the grieving process of losing a pet and the healing that comes from hearing their words.

So if you would like to gather dear friends and share a time of true healing, laughs, tears and enlightenment feel free to contact me and schedule the event!  Each person in the group will pay only $50.00 and just bring a photo of their deceased pet and LET THE HEALING BEGIN!

Many Blessings!


Beautiful Golden

I want to share with you the most profound moment I have ever had as an Animal Communicator.

It it all started with an email I received about an upcoming work shop. I had received many such emails from this sanctuary over the years but for some reason when I saw this one I immediately knew I was to attend because I was getting the message that this would help me in taking the next step in writing my book which is entitled My Soul Speaks!

This two day workshop began on a Saturday morning and was about learning to be present in the moment with animals by learning how they are present and learning to go to their place of presence in each and every moment. This is what the animals at this sanctuary wanted us to learn and they basically led this weekend event.

So all through the first day I enjoyed the instruction and surroundings very much but kept wondering why I was really there. I didn’t feel this particular workshop was enhancing my ability to communicate with animals or opening up my flow of writing. But I returned in the second day with my friend who knew me incredibly well and as we were driving there she said to me that she wasn’t feeling that I was really getting much from this and I had to laugh at her wonderful insight and agreed but also shared that maybe this second day would be better.

So as the second day unfolded we did more exercises in being present with the animals there and it was during one such exercise that I got a little bored so I decided to go and talk to a horse who was standing nearby. So I did my usual and walked up to her, introduced myself and tried to start a dialogue with her. She ignored me and kept eating her grass.

So it was at that moment that I practiced just being present with her and taking in all the sights and every little sound and seeing, hearing and smelling everything that she was and it was in that moment that we became one!!!

The most amazing and profound thing that I learned in that moment is that it’s not about communicating. It’s not about talking and having a dialogue. It’s about being present in that very moment with them!  This is what they want to teach us!

Once I was able to do that the flow of communication began but was on an enormously higher level and coming from a place of oneness and true connection not talking or using words.

This horse who was one of few words said to me “we didn’t really talk, but we shared a moment”.  Those were the most profound words ever spoken to me by an animal and the moment the most profoundly connected one I have ever had. She then walked off to continue her peaceful grazing and I wonder to this day if she knew she had just changed my life and the way I look at being in the moment  I think she probably did.  It’s what they are all about.

I then asked a worker there what the horse’s name was and she said “Ginny” which floored me because that was the nick name of my birth mother (I was adopted at age 3) who had passed away many years ago.

So even though I have been an animal communicator for many years I always struggled as many of us do with communicating with my own pets because there is such an emotional connection there.  But on this day that all changed.  When I returned home I sat quietly with my dog Leia and really went to her place of presence and the communication flowed beautifully and with incredible insight.  It was very exciting.

So I offer you this for communicators as well as those of you who love animals and are always looking to connect with them and really hear what they are trying to tell us.  It’s as easy as just being present in their moments.  Often times it’s so much better than being present in ours.

And I often wonder now if that isn’t the key to understanding and clearly seeing the transformation of a person working with a therapy animal.  Someone who truly comes to life while riding a horse or a terminally ill person having joy in the presence of an animal.  Even though I have seen it many times I didn’t truly know the magic of it until I learned to be present!

This will now be something that I include in every animal communication class I teach and every session I do and will every conversation I am blessed to have with them.



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Although I have been incredibly blessed over the course of my career as an Animal Communicator to have run across very few, there still remain those who are either very skeptical or just don’t believe in Animal Communication at all and never have.

THAT’S OK. First of all because the session is not about the human but the pet and secondly because it has been my experience that when there is a situation of skepticism the animal will always take control of the session, there is no reason to feel that we have to prove that animal communication works.

For example, normally within the first two minutes of the session the animal will have said something that there is no way I as a Communicator could have known. For example, one dog who had crossed over said that her mom had recently changed her financial advisor and it ended up that the lady had done this very recently. Either that, or they will discuss a situation that is very private to their human that maybe only they knew.

At this point the person is now understanding that this REAL and the session can continue with excellence from that point on.

This is amazing for several reasons one of which is the knowing that as a Communicator I never have to validate that Animal Communication is for real, the animal has the gift of speech and the person who may have been skeptical has a whole new perspective.

I say this so that if anyone who communicates ever comes across the situation of skeptism which can be intimating if not dealt with properly just know that the animal will take care of any doubt and need never worry.



Although there are many people who come very naturally to animal communication and are often born with it, for the most part I have found that communicators in general will take classes or learn from another communicator, study and absorb as much as they can on the subject. I have met so many people through the years that take my class because they feel they have an incredible connection to animals and want to take it further or perfect what they have.  These are great people to work with.

SO HOW DOES A LONG DISTANCE ANIMAL COMMUNICATION SESSION WORK?  Its a very frequently asked question from people who have never experienced an animal communication session.

THE ANSWER IS:  DONT WORRY WE’RE TRAINED FOR IT.  Really not to be funny but when I learned and through my research on so many other teachers and communicators we were all taught to connect with an animal whether it was right before us or through using a photo or imagine. This is all part of the training since MAKING THE CONNECTION is the key to the communication.

And not to worry, you will know within the first few moments of the session whether this connection is real or not. HOW WILL I KNOW.  Because it has been my experience always that when your pet wants to speak and you may be skeptical they will bring through information right up front that will amaze you and help to continue the session with belief and happiness. This is true.

THE MAIN REASON FOR THIS IS BLOG is to say that if you are in a situation where you are thinking of adopting a pet or buying a horse with no background information and want to know their history and if it will be the perfect fit, have a pet with trauma or behavior issues, health issues that have gone unresolved or have general happiness questions or have lost a pet please GIVE THEM THE GIFT OF SPEECH.