I would like to share with you a wonderful Session I had yesterday with Bailey, a small wonderful little guy. Bailey had unfortunately witnessed his Labrador brother pass away in the kitchen doorway. They had been together their entire lives. For months after the passing Bailey refused to be near the kitchen and would stay away in a separate part of the house all together and shaking badly when he was near the kitchen. So, we did some very fun NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) where we basically switched the image that he saw of his brother passing to an image where his brother was in the kitchen young and well. He did a great job. It was only MOMENTS later that his Mom called me to say Bailey was in the kitchen. He sent a photo of him completely relaxed and stretched out on the kitchen floor. Everyone was so happy!

The purpose of sharing this is to say that Animal Communication is literally life-changing for them and their families as well. It’s not just asking them what their favorite toy is or do they like their food. It’s so much more! NLP has been around for many years mostly for humans, but for quite some time for animals as well. I encourage you to Google it.


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