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Animals always seem to know what’s waiting for them. Somehow, they just know. On more than one occasion I have spoken with an animal as they are ready to make their transition and the one who loves them more than life itself is forced to make that final decision for them. We think we know, we think they are telling us it’s their time, but how do we really know? That’s always the question.

Just recently I spoke with a dog who was making his transistion, and his Dad was in one of the most sorrowful times of his life losing his best friend and soul mate and having to make that decision for him. The dog’s body was no longer working for him, but his soul was strong. He realized that his physical body was breaking down and he could no longer continue, and he showed us an image of a beautiful fence. On his side of the fence he had a body that was giving out, but on the other side of this fence was the most beautiful meadow that went on forever with no fences or boundaries. He looked at us and said “help me jump this fence”. They always seem to know what’s waiting for them and what it’s like. What a beautiful validation that they are truly ready!

Horses are magical when it comes to the final Fence, especially Jumpers! They have jumped all their lives and in the very end they can see their final jump being to a place of infinite beauty, peace and joy. Horses love going into Spirit because they understand so much more than we do what’s waiting for them. The most beautiful aspect of it for them is understanding that where they are going has no gates, there are no fences and that they will run without limitations. And, of course, no stalls which so many spend way too much time in! I remember the first time that I realized the horror of “show horses” that don’t leave a stall because they may get injured. It stopped me in my tracks when the barn owner said to me on a beautiful Spring day as we passed the stall of a halter show horse and she said “oh this one doesn’t go outside, he’s a show horse”. That was over 20 years ago and I can remember the sorrow I felt like it was yesterday. I have never forgotten that horse but would go on to find it everywhere. Can you imagine living your life in a box? It’s like having a hugh Great Dane dog and keeping it crated it’s entire life. What’s the difference? It’s heartbreaking, absolutely heartbreaking. And I asked the lady what will he win, she said ribbons! Really? A life for a ribbon!

In my journey of speaking with these amazing animals they have taught me so much about what we think of as the “end” for them but what they think of as a beautiful new beginning and it is so beautiful when they are ready to jump that final fence!

So, when the time comes, and it will for all of us, please don’t see it as an end for them. Look in their eyes and Help Them Jump That Fence into eternity and Spirit where they will run free forever with the knowing that they know and they’re asking you to help them jump the final one. It then becomes something of beauty instead of grief and sadness.



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