In writing the “About Shirley” Page, my first thought was what is it that I want people to know about me? So I sat with it for a moment and came up with these answers;

I was raised in the Maryland area by a wonderful Grandmother who loved animals and always taught me that they had feelings just like we do and know what we are saying about them. Her name was Ruby, and she was way before her time.

Moving to CA in 1987 to marry my husband, Scott, opened my eyes to so many different healing and communication modalities that I knew nothing about – one of the most important being Animal Communication! Everyone had Communicators for their pets and so did we. It was such a natural, normal thing, but moving back East to Upstate NY many years later was a completely different story. But the Universe had a plan. I was not only introduced to someone who did Animal Communication with our pets but was a wonderful teacher. Yes, I moved all the way across the Country to find my teacher and she was amazing! The day she taught our class how to connect our hearts to the hearts of an animal was it for me. I knew that I could, and I knew that I always wanted to be their voice. For myself, I see Animal Communication sort of along the lines of sign language interpretation. Simply taking the words of that animal and bringing them through exactly as they speak them.

This journey for me that began in 2001 has been more than I could have ever imagined. Traveling the Country, meeting the most amazing people and animals, teaching classes in Animal Communication, finding lost pets, speaking with pets facing life ending choices and (my favorite) speaking with animals who have crossed over only seems like a small part of the way they have touched my life and the lives of everyone they connect with.

I’m very blessed to be where I am right now. With over twenty years of having the honor and privilege of connecting with animals almost on a daily basis, writing about it, making a difference in the lives of animals and their humans, it’s been an amazing journey with many miles traveled and many stories to tell.

Writing Lordy, In His Own Words which was published in December, 2022 was life changing for me and I will be forever grateful to him for allowing me to interpret his book for him. Here’s hoping I can do as good a job on the second book currently being written which is basically a book about my life as an Animal Communicator with stories and heart-touching conversations.

Upstate, NY is where I have called home for almost 23 years living on a beautiful farm with my husband and family. We are blessed to share our lives as well with our Golden Retriever, Cody, our pit mix, Leia, and several wonderful cats to keep the energy just right.



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