“I believe I have been called to work with these amazing animals to help change their circumstances and bring a love and bond from them to their humans. These amazing beings will do everything in their power to be what it is you need them to be, but first they must have respect! There’s a soul in there – connect with it – it will change your life!” – Shirley Merrill.

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For years now I have had the great pleasure of communicating with the world’s most wonderful animals. These animals, large and small, represent all walks of life…

I have worked in every aspect of animal communication and have communicated with dogs, cats and world champion show horses with behavioral, medical and emotional issues as well as assisting when the time comes for them to cross over.

In addition, I travel the country teaching others animal communication in small, personalized workshops as well as doing in-person sessions, barn visits and group sessions.   It is my core belief and heartfelt intention that the communication sessions I offer will change the life of your pet – and yours.

Animals have an inner life of their own and given an opportunity to express themselves, there is much that can be learned from them. I have had countless profound experiences with clients and their beloved animals and together we’ve:

• Addressed health issues that no one has been able to quite resolve

• Had emotional, very meaningful conversations

• Resolved behavioral issues

• Comforted one another as dear pets cross over

• Found closure and ways to move forward after the loss of a beloved pet

There is no doubt animal communication deepens the bond between animal and human. Whether your desire is to achieve the most loving secure relationship with your family pet or guide your beautiful, talented animal to championship levels at shows, I can work with you to help determine your animal’s individual needs.

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