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This will be a new Series entitled Rescue Me, Know Me in which many categories and issues of rescuing and pet adoption will be covered.  

This Series came about from many conversations with pets who had been rescued or adopted who dealt with issues of Agressiveness, Separation Anxiety, Fears, Adjusting, and not really knowing how to settle in to something that is so alien to them.  And the list goes on for them!

My initial intent was to address each of these issues in separate blogs which will be done, but then I thought about a Series that everyone can follow and hopefully get the answers to so many of their questions.  

Communication is the key to all adoptions and rescues mainly because you know very little about their lives or backgrounds prior to meeting you and that’s incredibly important to know because it explains so many behaviors and fears.  It’s like sitting down with a new friend and learning all about them.  The more you learn of the friend, the more insight you have into their personlities, dreams, wishes, fears and beliefs.  As in starting any new friendship or relationship, it’s important to know who they are, what makes them tick and what doesn’t!  

The more Communication you have the better, as is almost always the case.  So many times I will be in the middle of an Animal Communication session with an animal who has recently been adopted from a shelter with no known information on their history or background and the person will say “Oh, it all makes sense now”!  So many things come to light that literally explain their actions and behaviors and all the puzzle pieces come together.  I always say “you can’t train what you don’t know”.  The more you know, the easier it is to help them and yourselves through the transistion of welcoming them into your lives and homes.  The more you know, the more the blessings flow!

So, in this Series we are going to cover many aspects of life after adoption or rescue.  These are issues that have come up in Sessions over many years and I want to share them with you and some of their stories which will help us all come to an understanding of how best to love and help them settle in.  

The Series will cover topics such as:


                                                          Separation Anxiety


                                                      Moods and Interactions

Strange Behaviors

                                                          And Many More!

I hope you love the new Series and that it answers many of your questions or concerns during your process of welcoming a new member to your home and your heart.  These are their words.  These are their stories and these are the lives that will be changed forever simply by talking, understanding and connecting to them through words, their words and their heartfelt connection! 

The Series will begin on April 26, 2020 and the first topic will be Separation Anxiety! And as in each of these topics, if it is something that you are struggling with and feel you need help with, feel free to reach out to schedule a session to have that one-on-one conversation with them!  It will change your life as well as theirs!

Remember, “The More You Know, The More The Blessings Flow”!




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