close up photography of white horse

Photo by Dids on Pexels.com


So maybe you think I’m a horse and your a human.  What if you thought of it as I’m a soul and your a soul?  What if you thought of it as I share the exact feelings and fears as you?  What if you thought of me as a beautiful creature of God who shares your world through love and understanding one to the other?  So, for many it may feel outside your comfort level to believe that our souls are the same, we are just in different physical bodies.  “There’s a soul in there – connect with it and it will change your life”.  I feel grief, I feel fear, I feel love and loss, I feel energies around me and I feel joy and love above what most can understand.  Because I feel instead of speak it’s more powerful than you can imagine.   

So, yes obviously I am a horse in this physical body and you are human in your physical body, but we both have souls!  We have the same feelings, thoughts and desires.  But, unlike humans, our souls can connect through pure love – no words necessary.  Imagine if humans could communicate without words, connect their souls through feelings and heart connections and accept each other unconditionally through the beauty of who they are.  Isn’t that the feeling of that first love or true connection to our human soul mate?  Isn’t that the feeling at a wedding alter?  Isn’t that what the world prays for?  If you want an example of how this world could love, look at animals.  Follow their lead, follow their souls.  

So, if it’s outside your comfort level to believe that we are both souls, please hear the words of our souls, hear the beauty of our wisdom and maybe just for one moment you can look in our eyes and see something there that says “yes, I’m here, connect with me”.  When you look into the soul of an animal, you will feel their love and wisdom.  

Even if you think this is the craziest thing you’ve ever heard – an animal having a soul?  Animals only ask that you just take one look.  Just take one look into their eyes, just one look into their souls and you’ll see it.  You’ll really see it!  And you’ll feel it in your soul and you will never be the same again because it is a true experience of God to feel the soul of an animal.  It’s the true experience of God!  

Blessings to all who have felt the soul of an animal and to those who have never known the beauty of connecting with their souls but somehow know you need to.  May you find the courage to connect with what you know is real.  



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