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You’re my soul-mate, my best friend, the best part of me, my happiest days and my one complete unconditional love.  You’re the only one who has ever loved me  unconditionally, who understood me and a true living example of grace!   You carry a part of me that no one else will ever have.  We have  a special story and no one else will ever know it.  We are one and our souls are connected without words.  I  connect with you when no one else can and you bare your soul to me in every action and unspoken word.  We are souls on this journey meant to be together.  Always meant to be.  Our bond is endless.  So how do I live without you? 

Maybe if God had given us some warning or a head’s up, it would help but I’m not really sure about that.  One minute you were here and the next  you were gone.  How do I live without you?  How do I live with the fact that you were taken suddenly?  

The overwhelming grief we feel when we  suddenly lose a pet is helped so much  by speaking with them once they have crossed.  You may think you’re not ready or it’s too early, but it never really is and here’s why.  Acceptance!

I recently had the opportunity to speak with a horse who was incredibly loved who had been fine the last time his mom had seen him and died suddenly after their last connection.  It was a complete fluke, an instant kick and life ending injury that no one could have seen coming.  Just a crazy, instant, life-changing accident which led to the end of his life very suddenly.  There was no time to prepare, no time to accept. The beauty of speaking with him very soon after his passing was the gift of hearing his wisdom.  You know what it was?  It was acceptance.  It was peace.

He said he was in a place of peace and acceptance of what happened to him.  Peace and acceptance.  When we think about these words, how often do we really use them.? How often do we actually accept with peace what happens in our lives? This horse did.  He spoke of accepting what had happened and being in a complete place of peace around his crossing.  When his peace and acceptance came across it was so real you couldn’t help but feel it.  We could feel him totally being at peace and in a place of love and completely accepting that this was his day and time.  His words lifted us to a place of blessings and even if there was not understanding and the grief was overwhelming, there was a true sense of peace – his peace and it lifted us up and brought us to a place of acceptance on his part and thus on ours.

They will teach us how to live on without them.  They will teach us how to accept and come to peace with what is.  They will teach us Heaven is an amazing place to be that their  Spirits will live on forever.  They will teach us how to feel their infinite  love and blessings from above and most of all they will teach us that our lives were brought together for a reason only God can know and what will live within us forever will only be ours – just our one true love!  

Peace and Acceptance.



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