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What’s your story?  How many times do we look into their eyes and just wonder “what’s your story”?  We wish we could just get inside their head for a moment and see life through their eyes and know where they came from and what their life has been to that point.  Through Animal Communication we can know their story from beginning to present.

When that amazing stray or rescue animal comes into our lives to bless us forever, it’s so nurturing to know their past and what has made them who they are today.  Whether dealing with fears or unexplained behavior, it’s so important that we really know who they are and where they have come from.  

When speaking with a wonderful soul who is a complete unknown to us, whose history is important and whose behavior warrants a true understanding, the beautiful blessing of communicating with them is that we can know their story from beginning to present.  Whether you purchase a horse at auction, adopt a dog or cat from a shelter or come upon a beautiful stray, there’s always going to be that question – What’s your story?  

So, we go to the beginning.  When opening up to speak with a pet who is a complete mystery, I always ask them to tell me about themselves from birth to the present.  Hearing their stories can be amazing, rewarding and life-changing for all concerned.  It also explains so much of their behavior and fears.  It all seems to make sense as we hear their stories unfold and everything seems to fall into place.  Not only do we understand them, but we know how to help them going forward.  How?  Because they will tell us.  Not only will they tell us their history, they will also tell us what they need and exactly how to help them.  They are great at this! 

Maybe there are issues of food aggression, separation anxiety, fear, trauma, unexplained pain or competition challenges.  At any rate, knowing their history will open our eyes and help us to help them.  Whatever the issues whether large or small, they will share them with you through communication and you can know and understand them better.  It’s always a good idea, if possible, to speak with them prior to a purchase or adoption, but if that can’t happen, get to them as soon as you can!  When we meet a new person in our lives, whether a new love, soul-mate, friend or unexpected connection, we want to know everything about them because it helps us to know who they are and what makes them tick.  What they love and what has made them who they are today and we take in as much of them as they are willing to give.  It is no different with an animal.  The only difference is that we need to communicate with them through a clear and open channel which is what Animal Communication is. 

If you haven’t had the chance to experience Animal Communication, there is never a better time to do so than when we connect with a soul whose story is completely unknown to us.  Giving them a chance to speak to us, share their stories and explain their behaviors it priceless both for them and for their loved-ones who want to make their lives the best they can be. 

So many times people will ask me to tell their pet how much they love them and ask them if there’s anything at all they can do to make their lives better and I believe with all my heart that these people want exactly that – to always make the lives of their pets better and for their pets to always know how much they are loved.  But what better love then hearing and understanding them? What better love than to give them the opportunity to speak with you one-on-one, to share their story and tell you what they need to make them better or happy? What better love?

Give them the gift of speech.  There’s nothing better.  Giving them the gift of sharing opens our hearts and giving them the gift of understanding is our true calling in being a part of their lives. Know the soul and you’ll know the answers.




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