As we begin this New Year the general consensus from animals in all walks of life is that there has never been a time in our lives when forgiveness has been more important and imperative. Have you ever noticed how forgiving animals are? How they come right back and love us no matter what we do and no matter how bad our day or lives have been. Their unconditional love is what draws our hearts and souls to them and their forgiveness limitless.

Their collective message to the Universe is to be more like them. Millions of people speak of their love for their animals and the beauty of each individual soul therein. As animal lovers we bask in the rewards of having them near and in our lives and witnessing their love, faithfulness and loyalty at all times. What makes them so special? What gives them a sense of unconditional love and the depth of their forgiveness? I really wish I knew.

So, it is at this stage in the life of our country and others that we need to tap into their abilities and follow as close as possible.

Collectively the animals feel a real sense of fear from humans as anger builds and ego takes over. They are witnessing a level of ego that is very sad to them because they know of the uselessness of it. You see, animals act from the heart and because of that they make a difference that nothing else can. As animals have followed our lead whether in training or in positions of service they follow our direction as best they can and give one hundred percent to please us and be our friends as well as to live up to their obligations of service.

In 2019 they want us to know that now is the time to lead with our hearts. Now is the time to reverse things and follow their lead. Learn from them. Their message is not so much in bonding together and trying to gain strength in numbers for whatever cause we are facing but to start with one person – ourselves. In a pack environment they learn that there really is no happy ending. Everyone will lose at some point and thus is the life of understanding only the strong survive. But humans are not packs and they feel if we continue to gain strength in numbers it will end the same way.

What they want us to know as a human race is that love, strength and forgiveness is the power we are seeking. They would want us to know that living their life – the only life they know – enhances our lives every moment as well as heals our world.

In 2019 now more than ever they say to us “draw on your strength if you must, but don’t lose the love and more than anything don’t lose your sense of forgiveness. When the anger and frustration hit by the things going on in our world, don’t look to the pack, look to yourself for that is really all you have. The pack mentality will not serve us now. We can only be served by open hearts, understanding and most of all forgiveness. Packs collectively share each other energies and feed off of them but this is not what humans need now. Now more than ever taking on energies of the angry, vengeful and egotistic humans in our mist is creating more of the same. Stop, think and feel – something we have forgotten in our rage at what is happening. And more than anything be kind! Just be kind! If you have to take baby steps that’s ok, but follow our lead in service, trust and love at all times. This we pray for you. We will continue to love, forgive and show compassion and understanding as we always have. Follow us. It’s time to take all the amazing things you see in animals and put it to use in the world.”



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