Yesterday I had the honor and privilege of connecting with the soul who is Beau. His new mom requested a session to get to know him better and learn of his past since he had very recently come into her life at the age of seven from a rescue organization.

In opening up to speak with Beau I asked him to tell me a little bit about himself and his life thus far. He told me he was from the South and had originally lived with a very wealthy woman who took him everywhere and he lived in a large mansion, traveled and was a show piece so to speak. He said for whatever reason her circumstances changed and he was never really sure why but she thought she had found a good home for him and the people ended up being puppy mill people and at around the age of four he ended up in an Amish puppy mill in the South where he stayed for about three years.

Beau went on to tell us other things about himself and to explain some of his behaviors to his new family. So many things began to make sense to his new mom when he opened up and started talking. Everything she had wondered about became so clear to her and the connection and love between them grew even stronger. Sometimes just the understanding of what that animal has been through opens the doors and hearts of so many to truly understand them and love them even deeper.

We spoke of many things that were important such as his health, foods, supplements, fears of certain things and emotional issues. At first he only spoke briefly of the puppy mill. But as the session continued and we were getting to the last few minutes he really began to share in depth his experience there and the toll it took on his soul and those around him. It was at this time that he told me he wanted to get his story out there for all to read and understand not only the environment and deplorable conditions they endure but also and most importantly to him was to help people understand and accept the puppy mill dog they may adopt. I guess his whole premise was “What Now?” What happens now that you have opened your heart and brought this amazing animal into your home to give them love and warmth sometimes for the very first time in their life. What Now? How do I understand your behavior, fears and emotions?

So, I told him I would bring his words through. I would be his interpreter and I am blessed to have been chosen by him. Before each session I ask God Creator of All That Is to be allowed to be a clear and open channel for that animal. I ask that their Guides be allowed to work in accordance with my Guides for the highest good of all concerned. And so it is that I interpret Beau’s words and bring to you his story and what he wants the world to know about Amazing Grace and the life in a puppy mill. Here it is!

“I am a very small dog. My name is Beau and I am a Pomeranian. Apparently I was at one point very expensive and I guess somewhat of a status symbol. So I lived with this very high energy lady in an extremely large home which I didn’t spend much time in because she carried me around everywhere she went and that, of course, included her many travels. I am very well-traveled and polite in all aspects of airline travel. My new mom was amazed at this.

So, here I am living this life of a world traveler and pocket book dog and the next thing I know I am with these very strange people who were not the people I would stay with. They were go-betweens I guess for the place where the puppy mill dogs ended up. Of course, cash was exchanged.

As I said in my session to Shirley and my mom, I know it isn’t right and it is a human sin but I have hatred for the people who run puppy mills. I know I should never have hate in my heart but I do. I have hate for the people who could be so inhuman and care nothing of their torture and murder of innocent souls many lingering as long as they possibly could before giving up and going to a much better place. I’m sorry to say this but it’s how I feel. I hope to some day release this hatred and I will be giving it all I have when Shirley and I work on replacing some of the pictures and replacing them with images of love and safety. I look forward to letting go and I am blessed to have this avenue through communication. More Amazing Grace.

If they only understood there is a soul in there, a soul that feels, hurts, grieves, loves and lives just as their soul does. But that’s not what this is about. This isn’t about going into gory detail about the conditions of a puppy mill or our experiences there. This is not to make you sad or depressed about our lives there. This is about Grace, the Grace that is given us to live through it and come out either in Heaven or on the other side in a wonderful home filled with love and every comfort imaginable. This is meant to uplift you and touch your soul in a way that only Grace can. This is about survival that can only come from a Power much higher than ours. And you you don’t get anything else out of what I have to say today, get that we are not alone and the miracle of our lives going from the mill to the family home did not happen on our own. The type of miracle you see in the before and after of our lives can only be described as God’s Grace and that’s what this is about for me.

I liken it to a human being stranded on a desert island with all hope lost. No water, no food, dehydrated and hallucinating and just when you lay your head down to give up you hear the plane approaching and they have found you. You never forget that moment when a human actually touches, gives you a drink of water and tells you everything is going to be okay. And, of course, the first words out of their mouth is “Thank God”! When literally all hope is gone and the misery is too much to take and it’s just been like that for so long and then one day someone reaches into your cage and takes you away to the paradise of love, food and help that is witnessing a Miracle and there’s no other way to describe it for us. Amazing Grace. I’ve lived Amazing Grace up close and personal.

And where does the strength come from? Where does the will come from to keep going each day when all hope is lost? It didn’t come from me I can tell you that. For me personally I believe it came from knowing what the good life was and believing that somehow I could get there again. For me it was believing that someday it would happen. There really is so much to be said about believing! I just believed that someday God would send me a Angel and I would be free to love again. I can tell you without a doubt that the first words out of my little dog mouth from my lips to God’s ears were “Thank God”. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t thank my God for saving me and for sending me the Grace I needed everyday to live. When you have that type of will it does not come from you. It comes from a much higher power and I can only explain and Grace.

I know it is upsetting for people to think of the large numbers of animals found in puppy mills but one thing I will say about the numbers is that often times it’s where we got our strength. Sadly strength in numbers. We took strength from others when we needed it and gave it back when they were down. We loved each other and gave the best pep talks in the world when things were bad and we drew strength from one another. I just wanted to share that.

I want to say this to you. It’s like living through a war zone and coming out with PTSD at the highest levels possible. Are we ever the same? No. Can we learn to love again and feel safe? Absolutely. But humans with PTSD can speak with people about it if they choose and get help through sharing their feelings, fears and emotions. A dog can only speak in terms of behavior unless they are blessed to have an animal communicator. Just saying! So we have all of the same issues but how do we tell you? How do we let you know of our fears, emotional distress or anxiety? Only through our behavior. I say this to you to ask for understanding and patience as it relates to bringing us into your homes. Please deal with it as you would a human coming home from war. And most important listen to us. We are speaking with our behavior, please listen to it.

So, how do you deal with a puppy mill dog when you bring them home? Look into their eyes and try to understand with everything inside you that these dogs have been through a war zone and deal with them as you would a human with in the same situation. It really is very similar. As with humans, you will never be able to fully understand what they went through or how it affected them, but the one thing you can understand is that they went through it and that’s really all that matters. You just start from there. It’s all about the understanding.

Understanding is really all we are asking for. The food is great and the clean bed is beyond measure for us. The love of a wonderful family is the most amazing thing possible for us. But that’s really all secondary to the understanding. To just looking into our eyes and saying from you soul, “it’s okay, I understand.”

Whether you are human or animal it makes no difference. It is at that time in our life when things are at the very lowest, hope left ages ago and tomorrow isn’t looking any better that someone reaches that hand out to you, lifts you up and says “it’s gonna be okay, you’re safe now” that we truly see Grace and it’s the Amazing kind. People say how can dogs be religious? I’m very glad you asked that question because you see, we are not just dogs, we are souls just like yours. Souls that connect to God and the Universe in Amazing ways and live to bring their messages to all in the hopes that the light comes in, the understanding is there and the love you will share with us will bring you joy!

I believe with everything inside of me that I lived for a reason. There was a reason God sent that person to reach their hand my into cage and tell me everything was going to be okay. I believe that reason was so I could tell the world through the eyes of a dog what it’s like in a puppy mill but more importantly to tell the world of Amazing Grace from first-hand knowledge.

My hope, of course, is that more puppy mills will be found and the souls there saved or at the very least people will stop buying from them which would end the problem all together. I also hope that you will understand us better when we come into our homes and hearts and most importantly I hope that from the words of one very small dog you will know and believe that when life seems done there’s always that hand sent from God that says it’s okay. There’s always that airplane in the background that you know is coming for you when you hear yourself say “Thank God”!




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