My journey as an Animal Communicator has recently taken me to a place of coming into the presence of a great deal of Warm Blood Horses imported from all over the world. These amazing animals are special in so many ways from their enormous size in many cases to their exceptional athletic abilities. Quite expensive and prestigious to own these horses are becoming a large part of the “show” world in our country. Not only are they beautiful to look at but their talents are unsurpassed and their abilities to give even when exhausted are examples of what true champions are made of.

However, in communicating with them on a very personal level I have found so many of of them aloof, hard to connect with and not very communicative. The “horse to human” bond is very rarely there. Fortunately I have been able to break through to them and this is their story as they would have it told. I believe, as always, there’s a reason I am in a certain place at a certain time to communicate with animals and many times it is to tell their stories, to speak for them in the hopes of better understanding for them. Here goes!

So they want you to imagine that you are a horse in your country quietly grazing or resting in your stall and the next thing they know you are on a trailer going to an airplane flying to God only knows where with no notice or communication or knowledge of what the future holds. Who will be your person? Who will care for you? What will be expected of you? How is your family back home? Will you ever see them again? What will it be like in your new country? And the list goes on.

Many people do not realize that animals understand our words and read our thoughts exceptionally well. So the very first thing I learned from a Warm Blood new to our country is they do not understand our language. So imagine yourself going about your normal day only to find yourself shipped to a foreign country with no warning or understanding of their language or culture. And not only that but expected to perform at very high levels or learn from a foreign trainer.

So the language barrier is one thing but the most important thing I have realized about these horses is that for the most part in their countries they are bred to sell. As a result most have never really bonded with a human in their life. This explains their aloofness, the far off look in their eyes and their ability to not even acknowledge our existence for the most part. Standing before most of them it is actually hard for me to make a connection and even begin to speak with them. It takes a lot of Angels and heart connection to get through to them. Most of the time this is the first time they have had any type of heart connection with a human and I am blessed every time to be that person!

One horse from Spain was very proud of his culture and wanted to speak a lot about it and loved the grooms in their stable because they spoke Spanish and also played his music. I think his Mom even signed up for a Spanish class! But for the most part many are just aloof and not connected.

We can train them, care for them, show them and give them the best treatments possible but please hear these words WE NEED TO BOND WITH THEM! How, you say? Its so incredibly easy. Stand before them, close your eyes, connect your heart to their heart and send them the feeling and image of love and caring over and over again until that connection comes and you will know it when it does. These horses are literally transformed before our eyes and the difference is night and day. I wish I had testimonials to add here of seeing a completely different horse and the joy of their humans and loved ones in the life they have with them.

To see the joy in a young girls eyes when the love comes and their horse finally connects with them is a wonder to behold. To see the love in the eyes of a horse owner when that breakthrough finally comes is amazing and makes it all worthwhile

You see, so many horse owners love these horses and they are a dream come true for so many of them but yet even though they give these horses the best of the best they often feel the horse is not giving back in terms of affection or even recognition and its hard to give so much and get very little back. But when they understand that this horse has never had human bonding the way we love our horses in this country and take that extra step to make that bond happen their lives together are forever changed. I have witnessed this transformation many times and its a miracle of God to see it happen before your eyes. These are amazing beings who need to be touched with a heart connection that gives them life and brings out the very best in them.

So their words to us are to understand that this is a new country and completely different culture and language. They are not being stubborn, THEY DON’T UNDERSTAND YOUR WORDS! In their countries many do not know the love and connection from humans because they are commodities but oh how they need it. Many are sad because they miss their families or the people who cared for them and, unfortunately, so many are shut down emotionally although they can pull off the performance.

They are giving us a clear picture of what it’s like to be a Warm Blood coming to a new country to begin their new lives and be the champions that they are and opening their hearts to tell us what they need and what will make them better and be the horse of your dreams.

Many continue to be trained, showed and sold again and again. THERE’S A SOUL IN THERE – CONNECT WITH IT – IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

If any of this resonates with you as an owner or trainer of a recently transplanted Warm Blood or even one who has been in our country for awhile, please reach out to make a difference for them. If you have witnessed the transformation personally give a testimonial to that and enrich the lives of those that give us everything they have and more. Giving an animal the gift of speech is the best gift you will EVER give them. It will change their world and yours as well.




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