So often we fight in front of our pets and don’t realize the impact it has on them. Their love for us runs so deep and if they could just stop it or find a way to mend hearts and make things better for their loved ones they would in a second. They care so deeply for us that when we hurt, they hurt, when we cry, they cry and when we grieve or feel sad they are right there with us. Your actions, words, thoughts and feelings around them have an enormous effect on them and no one hears their pleas for it to stop and for their families to be kind to one another.

Every energy in our home effects them tremendously. Every emotion we feel they feel as well. Don’t forget they are in the room! Please take into account that they are witnessing everything and for the most part are pretty powerless to do anything about the situation. They have the same emotions that we do. They have fear, anger, grief, sadness and elation as we do and they take it all in like hugh refrigerator magnets. Animals absorb our energies at all times.

Now is this to say that no household or relationship is suppose to have fights? Not at all. But just a gentle reminder that our pets take on everything we are going through and have no way of leaving the situation in most cases. They are stuck there and have no choice.

And what other hugh energy comes through our home? WORLD NEWS! Pets have to listen to it whether they want to or not! And believe it or not, they have a great sense or words and what is going on in our world today. Lots of negative stuff coming through the news twenty-four seven these days. Give them a break and put on some soft music!

I am honored to be their voice.



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