I recently had the privilege of working with a young colt who will some day be a race horse. He will be leaving his family soon to move to his training facility for a year. 

So as I spoke with him explaining what was coming up for him soon and his schedule, etc. he said it would be sad to leave his farm and family but he knew this was the beginning of his journey.

He understoood what his journey was and he called it his “ONCE UPON A TIME” because those are the words that begin great stories. Every time I open a book that begins with those words I will think of him. 

The beauty of it all was that he knew his journey and he knew this was the beginning of it. He accepted each step with grace and looked forward to his Story. If only us humans could tap into that. 

I felt very privileged to be standing with him because he was so valiant and grounded  in his knowledge of what is to come for him. 

So ONCE UPON A TIME there was a little colt who knew his journey and looked forward to the beginning of his story. 

More to come!



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