Whenevr people ask me if I do sessions for “humans” I always say no because that’s not my comfort zone. Going even further people ask if I work with “humans” who have crossed over as well as animals. My answer to that is always no WITH ONE EXCEPTION!

That exception is when a loved one who has crossed over comes through in a conversation with a pet during an animal communication session and if I feel comfortable with it at the time I am happy to bring through their messages.

This is extremely important to them because they have messages for their loved ones here that need to be heard. 

For example I recently did a session for a dog I had never meet before and immediately I saw sadness and loss around him. When I asked about this his Mom said they had recently had an unexpected loss in their family, a death. 

Her Father who had crossed many years ago had the opportunity to come through for his daughter to bring her answers, peace and comfort and her reaction was priceless. It was life changing for her and I was blessed to be a part of it. This happened as I asked to be a clear and open channel for her dog.

This was her first animal communication session and it was a wonderful one.  As for her dog, well the grief lifted as he saw his Mom’s joy coming through.

So our animals bring so much more through to us during a session than just your average questions and answers that touches our lives in ways we could never imagine posssible and it happens every day.

What better way for a “human” loved one who has crossed to bring forth their message than through our wonderful pets who hold our hearts in their paws or hoofs! 

I wanted to share this because it was an amazing experience for me and witnessing her joy and transistion during the animal communication session which was totally unexpected for both of us has been etched in my mind. I know the power of animal communication and am blessed to be a part of it everyday. 



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