Have you ever looked at your pet and thought “what in the world is wrong with you?”

This question is especially interesting when the pet has literally been with you their entire lives from just weeks old. 

People say to me all the time “I’ve had this pet from six weeks of age and nothing has ever happened to make them frightened of people or noises, or insecure or aggressive”.  

So people are often stumped because they just can’t figure out where this behavior comes from. It makes no sense and they can’t wrap their brain around it. 

The answer is simple although it took me speaking with so many of them to understand. They bring it in from birth, from their mothers.  So many have told me stories of their moms being mistreated and frightened during her pregnancy, or starved or of her having to be aggressive to survive while pregnant and they are living this as well in the womb. 

So while you may have never mistreated the pet and gave them nothing but love and security and a wonderful home and see no reason for the behavior, believe me, it’s there and very real.

When this occurs I work with them through a procedure called NLP which is neuro linguistic programming meaning to simply switch the picture. They show me an image of an event or memory and we work together to fade it far away replacing it with a picture of a time of love and security. This is life hanging for them!

Many times you will see a hugh change in the pet after a communication session simply because they have been able to speak and convey to you why this is happening and where it comes from and know that you understand them now.  Also hugh!

So when you’re standing there shaking your head and just not getting it, ask them!  You’ll get the straight story and understanding and compassion can come into play to go forward with everyone being healthy and whole.





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