POWER!  That’s the first word they use. 

I recently had the privilege to stand in the presence of and communicate with an amazing equine athlete. He wanted me to know that his lineage and training consisted of POWER and that’s exactly what he needed to perform at his level of competition. He was born with it and his trainers in Germany brought the best of it out in him and he became amazing. 

These are his words “warm up is the  time for me to begin to really start to focus and bring myself into rhythm. Rhythm is very important at this point!   Riders and trainers need to take heed of this important time. Upon entering the arena there is a sense of overwhelm at times simply because I have my nerves plus the nerves of the rider going straight into my spine. It is that point that I must center myself, take some deep breaths and find the power that has been instilled in me since birth. But of most importance here is that I have to get into my head enough to use that power in combination with the grace and persision that depicts my sport. I am an athlete and I must train and perform as such.”

Listening to him I could actually picture what it was like for him preparing for a competition of this magnitude and feel the preparation he undergoes before each show.  I could see and feel him getting into his rhythm, approaching the arena opening, taking a deep breath, looking around to take it all in, feeling the feeling of competition, saying a small prayer that his rider will keep the rhythm and not let nerve overtake them, from there he pulls from within and goes for Gold!  But Gold for them consists of not just the medal but the feeling of accomplishment and connection between them and their riders!  THAT CONNECTION IS THE REAL GOLD FOR THEM! 

It is the same for them as the human athletes and they want us to know that.  Even the mental preparation and getting into the “zone” of competition is the same.  The blessing for me in this conversation was the overwhelming feeling of respect for this powerful animal who can take that power and turn it into a form of athletic competition that requires the use of it with grace, poise and safety for their rider. 

These are true athletes folks, so let’s wish them all the best!

Listen to their words, it will change your life!





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  1. Barb Mattes

    That’s such a beautiful article Shirley! I’m so glad you got to talk to that wonderful horse and I know he’ll do good at the olympics.

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