I am sure many of you have witnessed psychic mediums who speak with loved ones who have crossed over and it is amazing!

The sessions and events that they hold are always full of laughter, tears, memories and honor. For me it has always been a blessing to watch.

Why?  Because of the healing that takes place when the person gets a message from a loved one now in Spirit that lets them know that they are ok, that the decisions made around their passing were accurate, that there are no hard feelings as well as messages of love and wisdom from the other side.

For me I witness this every time I speak to an animal who has crossed over. I see the tears of joy and grief that come from speaking with their beloved pet. I see the laughter through tears when the pet remembers funny times and I see the grief lift when their questions are answered and they know their pet is at peace.

So, just as you see very often when a psychic medium will visit a home to do group readings you can now host one of your own except for pets who have crossed over!

I have decided to do this not as a financial boost for my practice but because it is one of my favorite parts of the communication that I do and because I feel I am being led to give back now and help with the grieving process of losing a pet and the healing that comes from hearing their words.

So if you would like to gather dear friends and share a time of true healing, laughs, tears and enlightenment feel free to contact me and schedule the event!  Each person in the group will pay only $50.00 and just bring a photo of their deceased pet and LET THE HEALING BEGIN!

Many Blessings!


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