Beautiful Golden

I want to share with you the most profound moment I have ever had as an Animal Communicator.

It it all started with an email I received about an upcoming work shop. I had received many such emails from this sanctuary over the years but for some reason when I saw this one I immediately knew I was to attend because I was getting the message that this would help me in taking the next step in writing my book which is entitled My Soul Speaks!

This two day workshop began on a Saturday morning and was about learning to be present in the moment with animals by learning how they are present and learning to go to their place of presence in each and every moment. This is what the animals at this sanctuary wanted us to learn and they basically led this weekend event.

So all through the first day I enjoyed the instruction and surroundings very much but kept wondering why I was really there. I didn’t feel this particular workshop was enhancing my ability to communicate with animals or opening up my flow of writing. But I returned in the second day with my friend who knew me incredibly well and as we were driving there she said to me that she wasn’t feeling that I was really getting much from this and I had to laugh at her wonderful insight and agreed but also shared that maybe this second day would be better.

So as the second day unfolded we did more exercises in being present with the animals there and it was during one such exercise that I got a little bored so I decided to go and talk to a horse who was standing nearby. So I did my usual and walked up to her, introduced myself and tried to start a dialogue with her. She ignored me and kept eating her grass.

So it was at that moment that I practiced just being present with her and taking in all the sights and every little sound and seeing, hearing and smelling everything that she was and it was in that moment that we became one!!!

The most amazing and profound thing that I learned in that moment is that it’s not about communicating. It’s not about talking and having a dialogue. It’s about being present in that very moment with them!  This is what they want to teach us!

Once I was able to do that the flow of communication began but was on an enormously higher level and coming from a place of oneness and true connection not talking or using words.

This horse who was one of few words said to me “we didn’t really talk, but we shared a moment”.  Those were the most profound words ever spoken to me by an animal and the moment the most profoundly connected one I have ever had. She then walked off to continue her peaceful grazing and I wonder to this day if she knew she had just changed my life and the way I look at being in the moment  I think she probably did.  It’s what they are all about.

I then asked a worker there what the horse’s name was and she said “Ginny” which floored me because that was the nick name of my birth mother (I was adopted at age 3) who had passed away many years ago.

So even though I have been an animal communicator for many years I always struggled as many of us do with communicating with my own pets because there is such an emotional connection there.  But on this day that all changed.  When I returned home I sat quietly with my dog Leia and really went to her place of presence and the communication flowed beautifully and with incredible insight.  It was very exciting.

So I offer you this for communicators as well as those of you who love animals and are always looking to connect with them and really hear what they are trying to tell us.  It’s as easy as just being present in their moments.  Often times it’s so much better than being present in ours.

And I often wonder now if that isn’t the key to understanding and clearly seeing the transformation of a person working with a therapy animal.  Someone who truly comes to life while riding a horse or a terminally ill person having joy in the presence of an animal.  Even though I have seen it many times I didn’t truly know the magic of it until I learned to be present!

This will now be something that I include in every animal communication class I teach and every session I do and will every conversation I am blessed to have with them.



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