Each day I work with clients who have so many questions and choices to make as it relates to their animals.

Whether it is a decision around a health issue, an emotional issue, moving barns, changing training or just everyday decisions that have to made for them it is ALWAYS best to just ASK THEM!

One of the many advantages of working as a Professional Animal Communicator is being able to interpret for them exactly what they want to say.

For those who may not believe in animal communication I say “have a session, it will change forever how you see an animal as well as yourself”.

When the tough decisions come towards the end of their lives they have final wishes as well. Being able to speak with them allows your heart and mind to be at ease knowing their words have been spoken. ASK THEM!

In making the decision to rehome a pet or add to your pet family all the guesswork is eliminated through a conversation with them through a Communicator.  ASK THEM!

The perfect way to get details about an amazing show animal who is suddenly having strange behavior that no one can figure out is to ASK THEM!

And also when you have medical issues to make decisions around in situations where the vets, specialists, trainers, and experts can find nothing to diagnose, there is no better way to fully know and understand what is going on with them but to ASK THEM.

My purpose for blogging this is to bring awareness of the fact that animals really do communicate and they can tell you what they want and help you make the tough choices and decisions for them.

So the very next time you have the opportunity, give them the GIFT OF SPEECH!




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