Shirley –

Thanks so much for helping me with Lucy & Sydney Rose.  Now let me tell you the good news!

So as you know the first night when I got home, I immediately felt a change in Lucy, she was the most happy that I have felt from her in a long long time.  It had rained that day some, and we were expecting storms that whole evening, but nothing came of it. She not once went into her crate or left our family in the living room. The next day (Tuesday) shortly after I awoke I started to hear military booms and usually after she would have heard the first sound of noise she would have been off into her crate in the laundry room off the kitchen, but she stayed right there on her bed in the living room!!!  I left her alone and was in the bathroom, when I got out, there she was still in the bed in the living room!  OMG this has NEVER EVER happened!  I was riding my bike and heard a boom that shook the house slightly, and she didn’t move.  The second sound went off and I saw that she began to feel uncomfortable so I called her over to me, got on the floor with her, and talked to her about her safe picture and healing and I swear I was crying because I was so proud of her.  There we were feeling our love expand and she was being as brave as she could be.  She never left the living room, never went off in search for the safety of her crate and I returned to riding my bike amazed at this beautiful experience.

I can barely write this note to you without feeling my eyes tear up, words can barely express the gratitude that I feel for you and Lilly in helping heal a dog that I rescued from the shelter. Thank you, thank you, thank you.  I give you full permission to use this story in anyway to help another family.

D. M. White


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