Amazing Results for Animals with Fears, Separation Anxiety and Chronic Behavior Issues

I really want to share with you a procedure that is literally changing the lives of animals who suffer from anxiety over thunder storms, loud noises, trama from past events, separation anxiety and behavior issues that just can’t seem to be addressed through vets, training, etc.

This procedure, technically called NLP, stands for Neuro Linquistic Programming, but in laymans terms it is simply switching the picture or putting the picture in a different frame.  Originally invented for humans, this procedure works equally well with animals and truly does not only change their lives but changes the whole dynamics of their relationships with their humans as well.

This procedure has been used very successfully with animals in the highest level of showing, animals from puppy mills, abusive backgrounds, trama from the loss of their best friends, aggressive behavior.  There are many testimonials to this from owners who have seen immediate changes, one of which is on this website.

Simply put, during the communication session the animal is asked to bring to it a picture of the fear, event, feeling or issue that causes them unease.  They do show these images to me and then we fade the picture out into a dense fog so that the image can no longer be seen no matter how hard they try.  We then replace that picture of an image that they have in their minds of a time when they either felt extremely safe, felt focused, calm, etc.  Once the switch is made which is on a subconscious level the switch is permanent which is why the behaviors or issues changed very quickly.

One example was a great dog I worked with who lived on a lake where the thunder storms came in pretty violently.   This dog’s anxiety over the storms seemed to be getting worse with age so his owner scheduled a communication session.  During the session I asked him to get a very clear picture of himself when the storms came and his anxiety hit.  It was a frightening image.  We then spent some time fading that image out into the fog and when he could no longer see it I asked him to replace with with an image of himself at a time when he felt very safe and content.  The image he gave me was of sitting in his Dad’s lap in the recliner safe and sound and just chillin.  So, we used that replacement.  Needless to say, when the next storm came he was OK.  No anxiety, fear or stress around the storm.  His Mom recently reported that when the storms come she can see him getting a little anxious but definitely better and much calmer.  Not only did this help the stress level in the home when the storms came, but their are no words to express the way that it changed this little guys life not to live with that fear.

If you have a pet with any of these issues, I encourage you to either Google NLP or contact me for further information.


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  1. Mariana


    I am looking for help or information for my dog. He is seven year old pitbull. He came to live with us when he was 5 weeks old. I was working at the SPCA and he arrived to young for adoption so I took him home as a foster puppy. He suffers from unpredictable aggression. It seems fear based and territorial. We are looking for any help you can provide.

    Thank you for your time

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