Ithaca Times: Talking with Animals

Here is an excerpt from the Ithaca Times dated September 12, 2012.  To read the complete article, visit the Pet Corner by Glynis Hart,

“I’m not a psychic,” said Merrill. “I think there’s a huge difference between a psychic and an animal communicator.”

They also give workshops to teach people to communicate with animals, or, more exactly, to remember how to communicate with animals. “A lot of people, in the workshops, will say, ‘when I was a child I thought I had this ability,’” explains Merrill. They believe that the ability is innate, that we have it as children and forget it, or block it out. “When people ask me, what does it take to be able to do this? I answer with one word: willingness. As soon as you are open to doing this, it will come to you.”

“Children have that openness of heart,” says Merrill.

How do you know, then, that what you’re getting isn’t your own projections? Or wishful thinking?

Merrill laughs: “I often say, ‘I’m not smart enough to come up with all this stuff on my own.’… I look at it as sign language interpreting. The only thing I’m doing is taking that animal’s words- sometimes an animal will give you a word/picture- and putting it in human language.”


Shirley Merrill, Animal Communicator


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