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As I watched the news today of the storms throughout the country, it reminded me of how often we deal with beloved pets who are deathly afraid of storms.  If we find ourselves in the path of these storms we can most likely communicate with someone especially our family and friends who are near.  However, for a pet they can only communicate through the fear and panic they experience.  This can be very difficult to watch and oftentimes we feel helpless to take their fear away and bring them comfort.  Most of the people I speak with say they have tried everything from medication to products for calming and nothing really seems to help.

In speaking with the animals, they always say that it is a panic that is uncontrollable.  Almost like a phobia in humans.  Many times they will show me an image of what it’s like when they are in their panic mode and it is obvious that they cannot control this fear or settle themselves in any way.  So what do you do?

Something that I have found very helpful is to ask them to show me an image of themselves when this is happening.  Knowing that they are safe with me I ask them to bring that image very close to them and see it as vividly as possible without bringing it to them.  We then spend some time fading that image way up into a cloud and no matter how hard they try they cannot see if and then we switch it to an image that they have of themselves being very calm during a storm.  We bring that image very close and vivid as well and it replaces the old.

Mostly every time we do the “switch image” exercise I will hear that a storm came through and they slept through it or at the very least were much calmer.  This is a method that works very well and has had tremendous success.  This is merely a suggestion to you and if you happen to use an Animal Communicator you may want to ask if they practice that as well or visit my website for more information.  This is not an exercise you should do yourself with them with no training.

However, if you are in a situation where you do not have a Communicator available, I would just suggest speaking with them either through your verbal words or sending thoughts and images to them which they understand simply letting them know you understand and that you hear them through their actions.  So many animal behaviors change simply from being able to communicate and tell us how they feel and what’s going on with them.  Somehow just getting it off their chests is all they need, kind of just like us humans.

Most of the time people are just trying everything they can think of at the time to calm their pet but communicating with them and just saying “I get it” can help so much.

If you have a pet who is traumatized by storms or loud noises I would encourage you to reach out to a Communicator.  I find most of the time that if there is a behavior that needs help the pet will tell us exactly what they need to help them.  It works almost every time!  So, whereas we may be trying everything we can think of, it may be something completely different that they need and they will tell us if given the chance to speak.

Basically they are able to tell us exactly what’s happening, what it feels like and the best way to help them with very little guesswork!

It is so incredibly rewarding to hear a story of fear and total panic turn to relaxation and calm when the storms come.  We need to help them and we can – they can get through this through Communication!

Non of the blogs you will see on my website are intended to promote or bring business to myself, although I am open to helping all animals.  In most, I mention reaching out to an Animal Communicator whether it be me or another professional because the main goal for me is getting the information out and bringing forth what the animals need first and foremost.






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