At the end of a long and sometimes bone chilling day, I walk out of the barn I have been visiting that day with a sense of having touched souls, met new friends and brought peace and joy and clear communication to animal and human.  That fulfills me. I look back on the barn one last time and give thanks for this Gift!

But the real joy is feeling the sincere gratitude, the kind that touches the soul, from the animals and people as well.  Whether it is from a horse who is ill or injured or acting out from past trauma, or emotionally shut down or a person witnessing the Communication and knowing all will be well, it’s always very humbling to me.

But where does this gratitude come from?  It comes from loving an animal with all your heart and soul and for the first time being able to hear them speak and express their thoughts and feelings with you. It comes from hearing their stories for the first time if you never knew their past and it comes from just sharing the love you have for them.

People are just so incredibly grateful for Animal Communication and once they experience that level of gratitude they almost always continue on that path throughout the life of having their pet.

The feeling of gratitude from an animal who can finally speak with its family just for fun, or one who may be coming to the end of its life and needs to share feelings of love and letting go, or a highly competitive show horse or dog who can finally speak to tell us how we can make things better is what this is all about for me. That’s feeling of love and thanks from them makes everything perfect!

Their gratitude is overwhelming at times because they are filled with such joy at finally being able to speak for the first time or if they are lost or stolen and through Animal Communication they are found and are safely home with their families.

Can you imagine the gratitude of an animal with behavior  issues that no one can figure out and having a very difficult life because of this behavior finally being able to speak and tell us where it’s coming from, whether it is pain or discomfort or emotional?

So whether the gratitude comes in the form of an animal being given the gift of speech for the first time or a person filled with love and gratitude for the amazing connection with their beloved pet, it comes and it flows freely from them and I pass it on to the Universe grateful to have played a small part in it.



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