Although I have been incredibly blessed over the course of my career as an Animal Communicator to have run across very few, there still remain those who are either very skeptical or just don’t believe in Animal Communication at all and never have.

THAT’S OK. First of all because the session is not about the human but the pet and secondly because it has been my experience that when there is a situation of skepticism the animal will always take control of the session, there is no reason to feel that we have to prove that animal communication works.

For example, normally within the first two minutes of the session the animal will have said something that there is no way I as a Communicator could have known. For example, one dog who had crossed over said that her mom had recently changed her financial advisor and it ended up that the lady had done this very recently. Either that, or they will discuss a situation that is very private to their human that maybe only they knew.

At this point the person is now understanding that this REAL and the session can continue with excellence from that point on.

This is amazing for several reasons one of which is the knowing that as a Communicator I never have to validate that Animal Communication is for real, the animal has the gift of speech and the person who may have been skeptical has a whole new perspective.

I say this so that if anyone who communicates ever comes across the situation of skeptism which can be intimating if not dealt with properly just know that the animal will take care of any doubt and need never worry.



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