Although there are many people who come very naturally to animal communication and are often born with it, for the most part I have found that communicators in general will take classes or learn from another communicator, study and absorb as much as they can on the subject. I have met so many people through the years that take my class because they feel they have an incredible connection to animals and want to take it further or perfect what they have.  These are great people to work with.

SO HOW DOES A LONG DISTANCE ANIMAL COMMUNICATION SESSION WORK?  Its a very frequently asked question from people who have never experienced an animal communication session.

THE ANSWER IS:  DONT WORRY WE’RE TRAINED FOR IT.  Really not to be funny but when I learned and through my research on so many other teachers and communicators we were all taught to connect with an animal whether it was right before us or through using a photo or imagine. This is all part of the training since MAKING THE CONNECTION is the key to the communication.

And not to worry, you will know within the first few moments of the session whether this connection is real or not. HOW WILL I KNOW.  Because it has been my experience always that when your pet wants to speak and you may be skeptical they will bring through information right up front that will amaze you and help to continue the session with belief and happiness. This is true.

THE MAIN REASON FOR THIS IS BLOG is to say that if you are in a situation where you are thinking of adopting a pet or buying a horse with no background information and want to know their history and if it will be the perfect fit, have a pet with trauma or behavior issues, health issues that have gone unresolved or have general happiness questions or have lost a pet please GIVE THEM THE GIFT OF SPEECH.


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