So often when I am speaking with a pet their behavior is a direct result of the behavior of their human family. When a human is stressed out, angry, fearful or depressed they bring that energy to their animals. Animals I have found are like hugh refrigerator magnets. They take on to themselves everything we are going through or thinking. They take it right into themselves and then their behaviors will change. For instance, people will often say their pet has been so depressed from the loss of a human or another animal when, in fact, the animal is taking on the depression of their human. When we are sad, our pets are sad. When we are stressed, they take that stress on to themselves. If we get angry or afraid, you will see them behave in those manners as well.

The saddest part, I think, is that these pets have no where else to go. They have to be in whatever situation their humans are in. They can’t pack a bag and take a vacation or go to Grandmas house until things get better. They can’t decide this isn’t working for them and make a change as we humans can. They don’t have the avenues of mediation, spas or other things to clear themselves and start afresh. Basically they are stuck in any emotional environment we are in.

I can’t tell you how many times when we fix the human, we fix the pet. I think it is understandable for people either to not be aware of this “refrigerator magnet” effect or maybe just have never thought about it until the pet brings it up.

If you sit in a room or live everyday with someone who is severely depressed, it doesn’t take long for us to start feeling sad. Being with someone who is constantly anxious or stressed will escalate our stress and anxiety as well. Why would it not do the same for our beloved pets who are by our side always. Whatever energy you bring will be the energy they will take on.

If you go to ride your horse and show up stressed out, angry or upset, you are bringing all of that energy to your horse. When you sit on them, your energy goes straight into their spine and believe me they feel it and will respond in kind. Anxious riders created anxious horses.

Animals can also see energies around us and feel whatever it is we are giving off. They know love immediately but they also know anger, fear and stress.

Depression is a hugh issue in our country and I think every one of us knows of someone who is going through that now. But it’s not only happening with humans, it’s happening with our pets as well it’s just that often we don’t put two and two together. Why will your dog or cat come and sit by you when you are sad? Because they feel your sadness.

Especially in this time of Covid when so many families are stressed, sick, fearful or uncertain about what will come next. Please know that your pets are picking up every bit of this energy and it is affecting them as well.

So what do we do? The most important thing we can do is acknowledge this. Acknowledge that this really does happen and become aware. Becoming aware of our moods, thoughts and energies will help them tremendously. But most important, just acknowledge and understand that this really does have an effect on them. They may come into this body in the physical form of an animal and you in the physical form of a human, but the souls are the same. They have a soul just as we do, it’s just in a different physical body. So that means that every feeling we have whether it be grief, joy, sadness, happiness or worry, they have as well exactly as we do. They feel just like we feel, just in a different physical form. I always love to say “there’s a soul in there, connect with it and it will change your life”. So let’s stop thinking of them as animals and us as humans and making that differentiation and start thinking of them as souls in a different physical body.

The next step I think will be working on ourselves and when we see our pet behaving in a certain way, stop and say “what is my state of mind”? People will change anything for their pet, so changing ourselves can only be helpful to us as well.

And, of course, speaking with them is always key! If your pet is showing signs of taking on your energies, environment or issues please reach out to have a conversation with them. Let them speak about it. Help them through it through communication.

Our pets will mirror our behavior, so pay attention!


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