How Do I Know When It Is Time To Help My Elderly Or Ill Pet Cross Over the Rainbow Bridge?

As an Animal Communicator, I find that this is the million dollar question asked by millions of pet owners each year!


The Answer:  ASK THEM!


Of all the many important questions my clients have asked over the years, this has not only been the most frequently asked, but the most important.


In my journey of speaking with these amazing souls I have found that, like humans, it is important for them to put their affairs in order as they come to their final days.


This includes saying their goodbuys to their loved ones, speaking their gratitude and final worlds of wisdom to their families going forward.


It also includes their wishes for their transition and the TIMING!


THE MOST IMPORTANT BENEFIT of this conversation through animal communication is that not only is it a tremendous gift for the pet, it helps the family know their choices are correct and takes all the guess  work, guilt and fear of doing the right thing at the right time away!


This makes for a truly beautiful and peaceful passing for ALL!






Shirley Merrill



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