List of Services

PHONE SESSIONS:   Simply forward a photo with a list of questions or concerns you may have and schedule a phone session!

IN-PERSON SESSIONS:  You can schedule a visit to your area for in-person sessions.

BARN VISITS:  Host a barn visit to your area for your boarders or friends.

HORSE CLINICS:  Enjoy a day with your horse working through issues with understanding and connection.

LOST PETS:  Find them, sooner rather than later!  While looking for their location, stay in touch!

PETS WHO HAVE CROSSED OVER:  If only we could speak with them one more time! We can and it’s amazing to hear their words.  Grief is lifted and our questions answered.  What a joy this is!

HOST A GATHERING:   Invite your friends and family over for an evening of connecting with pets who have crossed over!  This a fun time.  Everyone brings a photo of a pet who has crossed over and they all come through.  There is plenty of laughs from our loved ones on the other side as well as tears of joy and grief and definitely an experience you will long remember!

ANIMAL COMMUNICATION CLASSES: Classes are taught on a Beginning Animal Communication level as well as Intermediate and Advanced.  These classes are usually four hours long and teach us everything from how to connect with them to how to find them when lost and everything in between.  If you’ve always wanted to be able to do this, do it now!  You can host a class in your area!


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