My career in Animal Communication began in the year 2000 when I moved from California to Upstate NY. In California Animal Communication was very normal and accepted by most people who had animals. So, upon moving East I wasn’t sure how open people would be to it and, sure enough, I was looked at like I had three heads for mentioning it! But through God’s grace I found an amazing Communicator who also taught classes. So I was all in! I began taking her classes and the rest is history.

It began slowly for me working with mostly cats and dogs and helping to find lost pets. But then one day a lady called me from Kentucky whose horse I had spoken to in a local training barn here and she offered to fly me there to work with her horses and a barn full of others. I was there for four days doing sessions full time and also had an opportunity to teach a Beginning Animal Communication class there. That is where my love of speaking with horses began! Since that time I have traveled the Country visiting barns and teaching and without a doubt have the best job in the world.

Today I continue to work with animals in all walks of life which includes performance issues for horses at the highest level of competition, health and emotional issues, lost pets, pets who have crossed over, end of life decisions and just having a conversation because their loved ones want to know what’s on their mind.

I hope you will visit the rest of this Site including the Blogs which will open your mind and heart to the soul that is the animal!



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